Our Products

Vehicle Speed Controls

  1. Drive by Wire – electronic speed control for any vehicle with an engine management system…..more
  2. Rev Limiter – Limits the engine to the desired revs…..more
  3. System 80 – fuel flow control speed control for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Buses…..more
  4. System 90 – air/hydraulic speed control for Trucks and Buses…..more
  5. System 2000 – air speed control for Trucks and Buses…..more
  6. Engine Rev Control – rev limitation for any vehicle…..more
  7. GeoKontrol – Limiting speed for Geofenced area(s)…..more
  8. High Idle Unit – Limiting RPM when your PTO is engaged…..more
  9. Trailer System – Limits the vehicles top speed when a trailer is hooked up…..more
  10. Emergency Vehicle Limiter – Limits the vehicle until sirens is switched on…..more
  11. Reverse Limiter – Limits the vehicle in reverse…..more


Lubrication Systems

  1. Grease Lubrication System – vehicle chassis lubrication for Trucks and Buses…..more
  2. Grease Trailer Lubrication System – automatic Trailer system…..more