structural mitigation strategies for earthquake

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The annual probability of experiencing a tsunami with a height of > 0.5 m at the coast is greater than 10% for Sumatra, Java, the Sunda islands (Bali, Lombok, Flores, Sumba) and north Papua. Normal fault graphical presentation and mechanism [7]. Engage with media representatives to promote increased interest in and awareness of earthquake preparedness, mitigation opportunities, and earthquake insurance. Non-structural Mitigation. Measured magnitude of earthquake from surface is 8.0. HeadquartersIntechOpen Limited5 Princes Gate Court,London, SW7 2QJ,UNITED KINGDOM. Results for social vulnerability map showed that, majority of the study Figure 3. Our team is growing all the time, so we’re always on the lookout for smart people who want to help us reshape the world of scientific publishing. Malaysian Meteorological Service. The list of non-structural elements in based on FEMA E-74 (FEMA, 2011) and FEMA P-58 (FEMA, 2012a). Thus, shear failure which is a critical type of concrete column damage occurs at these columns. It can damage walls and their connections. US-Asia Conference on Engineering for Mitigating Natural Hazards earthquake risk mitigation strategies. motion will occur on the one to ten - storey buildings in Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, construction workers should be trained about earthquakes and construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. This failure mechanism can be commonly observed in the earthquake region. The worst earthquake disaster in the modern years occurred in North Sumatra at Banda Aceh. Licensee IntechOpen. sources of epistemic and aleatory uncertainty in the analysis Indonesia has been the focus of intense tsunami risk mitigation efforts following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, but this has been largely concentrated on the Sunda Arc with little, Probabilistic hazard assessments are a fundamental tool for With this incidence, Malaysia need to, countries near by. earthquake mitigation strategies fall into two groups, long-andshort-term.Weaddresslong-termmethods first, focusing on the use of earthquake-resistant buildings. The shapeless blocks show immediate reaction towards equilibrium. Manfredi et al. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Liquefaction (Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe. We account for sources of epistemic and aleatory uncertainty in the analysis through the use of logic trees and sampling probability density functions. incorporate both structural and nonstructural mitigation measures in new development, examine ways to reduce the vulnerability of existing structures, take steps to reduce the vulnerability of natural resources, and. We account for Hundreds of thousand people lost their lives and loss of billions of dollars’ properties occurred in these disasters. Body waves move through the interior layers of earth’s. b)Safe location of the buildings. 2003. The intensity and duration of an earthquake induced ground shaking, The development of bridge design in Malaysia has experienced several changes in its approaches. Liquefaction is the phenomena when there is loss of strength in saturated and cohesionless soils because of increased pore water pressures and hence reduced effective stresses due to dynamic loading. Lombok and north Papua, and 0.1–1% for north Sulawesi, Seram WhatsApp. PREVENTIVE AND MITIGATION MEASURES When earthquake strikes a building is thrown mostly from side to side, and also up and down along with the building foundation the building structure tends to stay at rest, similar to a passenger standing on a bus that accelerates quickly. Failure of column due to poor concrete quality during; (a) Van earthquake and (b) Bingöl earthquake. Many of these go undetected because their magnitude is small or they occur in areas which are not closely monitored. January 2005. c)Legal framework. Residen al structural improvements can be factored into the process of obtaining insurance coverage or reduced deduc bles. By. Hence it is crucial to perform earthquake hazard assessment across the country and subsequently develop and implement strategies for earthquake risk mitigation. evaluate the local characteristics that contribute to the vulnerability and risk of inhabitants of The acceleration is expressed in m/s. Using GIS to map hazard areas, at-risk structures, and associated hazards (e.g., liquefaction and landslides) to assess high-risk areas. c)Good workmanship and adequate supervision. Its overall goal is to make such structures more resistant to earthquakes. Fortunately, the two Penang bridges were designed and considered the seismic loading and taken as examples to highlight the effect of long-distant earthquakes from Sumatra. These walls have two exterior vertical wythes of large coarse stones. Seismic load in structural design are considered to resist earthquake effect on structures. For reinforced concrete (R/C) buildings, inappropriate design such as soft and weak stories, strong beam–weak column, short column, hammering, unconfined gable wall and in-plane/out-of-plane movement of the walls causes damages. Pressure shift arose from these action and cooling stages in mantle causes stresses in the earth crust. In the past, their development has been largely reactive and driven by observed failures in most recent earthquakes. from emergencies and their effects in the shortest. However, a lack of bond beams and large openings that decrease the stiffness of the walls increase the shear effects and cause in-plane failures, such as diagonal shear failures, sliding consisting of straight cracks, and stepped failures. Ricci et al. vulnerable. consistent Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment (PTHA) for USGS has helped to develop and promote these scenarios, creating video simulations and other information that engage and inform those who would be affected by these potential seismic events. As the thickness of the walls is relatively large, these stone walls are constructed by using more than one stone along the thickness direction [28]. Consultation cooperation: Proposing new probabilistic seismic hazard maps for whole Peninsular Malaysia and site specific analysis for the Manjung and Kenyir Dams under Tenaga Nasional Berhad organ, This research present a technique to reconstruct the waveform of oscillations of relatively long structures such as bridges. This technique is based on digital filtering of high-frequency GPS and a, Earthquakes proved to be the most devastating natural disaster with a high mortality rate and wide spread destruction. Print. According to listed damages and possible solutions above, it is strongly advised to obey current seismic codes. They determined the earthquake damages in reinforced concrete buildings and presented in their study [38]. Section 3 gives failure reasons of reinforced concrete (R/C) buildings. Also, seismic design provisions of Pakistan were compared with seismic requirements of UBC (1997) and EC8 (1998) [19]. Email. Earthquakes can cause devastating effects in terms of life and property. Occurred medium or high-intensity magnitude earthquakes in last twenty years showed that these loses continue. However, construction of buildings by using local materials with poor workmanship on the base of traditional rules is the other reason of failures for these buildings. Siddhartha Sengupta - July 22, 2020 . Earthquake Mitigation People who live in or visit Oregon enjoy some of the most beautiful scenic places in the United States; this beauty however has an underlying cost; earthquakes. Maintaining a database to track community vulnerability to earthquake risk. All rights reserved. The research work covers the. When deep and rigid beams are used with flexible columns, weak column–strong beam failure mechanism is developed. In addition, more than 370,000 injured and 18,000 people missing. Damage to adobe structures due to heavy earthen roof during the Van earthquake [42]. density functions. 15 16 17. While ground floor generally encloses with glass window instead of brick infill walls, partition walls are constructed above from this storey for separating rooms for the residential usage. The methodology specifically relies on; (1) the by JMG (Mineral and Geoscience Department Malaysia) through the use of map algebra So, an effective mitigation planning is necessary to reduce the risk involved in the district. in seismic design are; seismic zone factor, important factor of the building, reduction factor, site coefficient for soil characteristic and fundamental period of vibration. Table 4.1 Structural and Non- Structural Earthquake Mitigation Measures 21 Table 5.1 Capacity Building Measures 32 Table 5.2 Training for Various Stakeholders 36 Table 6.1 Levels of Disaster (L Concept) 41 Table 6.2 Standard Operating Procedure for Earthquake Response 45 Table 6.3 Emergency Support Functions 51 List of Figures Figure 2.1 Institutional Mechanism at State Level 07 … Contact our London head office or media team here. evaluated the reinforced concrete building damages during the 2011 Van earthquakes [32, 33]. damage to equipment and disruption in service. The influences and effects of the Sumatran earthquakes toward Malaysian bridges need revised in, Public building structures in Malaysia include hospitals, schools, offices; quarters have been heavily developed for many states in the country. This problem can be eliminated by using proper connection defined in current codes. In this document, survey and mitigation strategies The methodology is based on the established monte carlo approach to probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) and has been adapted to tsunami. information and training material suited for the target population. Lemnitzer et al. Chiou and Wang investigated the traditional Chinese residences after Chi-Chi earthquake that occurred in Taiwan on September 21, 1999 [22]. Thermo pore Sheets Erected and Covered with Steel Mesh Before Concreting Concrete / Stucco Plaster is … P-waves generate sequential push (or compression) and pull (or tension) in soil as shown in below Figure 8a. This layer is approximately 2900 km thickness. Ghobarah et al. These waves are generated by body waves move through parallel to the ground surface and various underpass the layer boundaries. Figure 9a and b shows these types of waves. The practice of elimination and reduction of loss of property and life due to catastrophes have become common in areas prone to natural disasters. The short term activities are as follows; The medium term activities are shown below. They investigated the damaged buildings and the failure mechanisms in their study [39]. According to the state of the art of Plate tectonic, the earthquake occurs in some parts of the plate and these parts act relative to each other. Thus, during an earthquake, partial and total collapses occur in these storeys. Natural Disasters in North-East Region and its Management: An Essay, Centre for Science Education. This type of mechanism generally occurs at wall-to-wall and wall-to-roof connections when subjected to out-of-plane displacements. Usually the effects will rise significantly as results of increasing in population and structures or infrastructure facilities. MUSEUM SOS: Strategies for Emergency Response and Salvage American Museum of Natural History, New York, U.S.A. May 11-16, 2004 NON-STRUCTURAL MITIGATION AGAINST EARTHQUAKE: A CASE STUDY OF ISTANBUL MUSEUMS Nevra Ertürk,Research Assistant Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design (FAD) Museum Studies Graduate Program, Art Management Program … Research in the field of earthquake engineering is still required even in the country with low to moderate seismic activity level such as Malaysia. important for underpinning evidence based decision making on risk Hilary Kendro from the Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction (STARR). Short column failure is given in Figure 13. Earthquake Prediction, Control and Mitigation Earthquake Prediction Long-Term Forecasting Long-term forecasting is based mainly on the knowledge of when and where earthquakes have occurred in the past. Watanabe studied the behavior of R/C buildings during the Hyougoken-Nanbu earthquake and evaluated the damage reasons of reinforced concrete buildings [9]. Top Answer. This current study undertook the vulnerability assessment of selected infrastructures, such as. Development of Seismic Hazard Map for Klang Valley. 1994. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Draft National Disaster Management Vulnerability Study of Public Buildings Subjected to Earthquake by ATC-21, ATC-22 and Finite Element... A probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment for Indonesia, A~probabilistic tsunami hazard assessment for Indonesia, Conference: 9th Asia Pacific Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (APSEC2015). Zhao et al. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers. in Pahang, Malaysia that was based on the classification of its exposure level. Structural And Non Mitigation 603 Words Critical Writing Exle. Process of construction should be controlled by the local government and professional civil engineers. Seismo-Tectonic Map of Malaysia. Evacuation is rarely an effective strategy for mitigating earthquake hazard, because it is not possible to predict the precise timing, location and size of an earthquake to a sufficiently high degree of In addition to this, low quality of structural materials, poor workmanship, lack of engineering services, and construction with insufficient detailing of the structural elements are the another reasons of damages. In addition, other structural mitigation examples would be things like creating a sandbag barrier around the home when a flood might occur. Wooden logs that bear the weight of the floor of the building are generally placed on load-bearing walls in only one direction. Spectra at Far Field. Most of the masonry buildings are constructed with thick stone walls. The geologic forces that give us the Cascade Mountains, the Coast Range, and the scenic coast line, are the same ones that make this region one of the most earthquake prone spots in the continental US. *Address all correspondence to:, Earthquakes - Tectonics, Hazard and Risk Mitigation. Earthquake - Earthquake - Methods of reducing earthquake hazards: Considerable work has been done in seismology to explain the characteristics of the recorded ground motions in earthquakes. Earthquakes have only been recognised in the design of Australian buildings since 1995. a)Land-use planning. Seismotectonic Map of Malaysia (Leyu, 2009), All figure content in this area was uploaded by Sk Muiz Sk Abd Razak, All content in this area was uploaded by Sk Muiz Sk Abd Razak on Dec 09, 2015, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknolo, and economic functioning of the affected area. ASCE1, ... A residential structure in the 1992 Landers earthquake fault zone suffered relatively less damage, because its mat foundation was isolated partially from the fault-induced ground strain through slippage along a plastic sheet that had been placed under the mat during construction … However, these roofs lose their effectiveness because of weather conditions, such as rain and snow. We present the first nationally More than 200,000 earthquakes are recorded each year, though it is estimated that several million occur globally. area are in relatively low to moderate level except for Kuantan district, which is highly map reveals that, districts in the central parts of the region are the most highly exposed to incorporate both structural and nonstructural mitigation measures in new development, examine ways to reduce the vulnerability of existing structures, take steps to reduce the vulnerability of natural resources, and. Surface waves are occurred during shallow earthquakes; on the other hand, body waves take place at all depths. frequently while others take place occasionally. This situation leads Indonesia to be part of the region that has the highest seismic potential in the world. The last earthquake tragedy for Turkey, very close to present time, is Erciş (Van) and Edremit (Van) earthquakes. Bayraktar et al. For longer return periods (500-2500 years), the tsunami hazard is highest along the Sunda Arc, reflecting the larger maximum magnitudes. Where structural mitigation strategies are implemented, asset owners need to consider funding to support ongoing operation and maintenance. Abstract An earthquake can be described as natural phenomena that cause shaking or trembling of the earth’s surface. There are not many papers or researches regarding earthquake mitigation in Malaysia. investigated the seismic performance of reinforced concrete and masonry buildings after 2011 Simav (Turkey) earthquake [29]. and Ates et al. Adnan, A, Marto, A, and Hendriyawan. are not specified for local condition especially when local soil. The scope of the book chapter is depicted in the Figure 1. Both bridges are used almost similar site-specific earthquake response spectra for return periods of 475 years in their designing. Thus, the weight and thickness of the roof increase over time. fact that no significant tectonic earthquakes which. Sarawak Sarawak has also experienced a number of seismic events of native origins, The Effect of Sumatra Earthquakes to Peninsular Malaysia Proceeding Asia Pacific Structural Engineering Conference. At the national level non-structural mitigation strategies include campaigns to create a public awareness of warning services and protective measures, since informed citizens are more likely to check the condition of their roofs and other structures at risk. We share our knowledge and peer-reveiwed research papers with libraries, scientific and engineering societies, and also work with corporate R&D departments and government entities. Flood mitigation measures have been in place since the 1950s, in the form of embankments, dams and barrages etc. This problem can be solved by using close-spaced stirrups and 1350 bended hooks to increase shear resistance of structural elements. 2002. Reliable analysis result can be obtained if the models being simulated really reflect the actual conditions of the structure. To know the topic Natural hazards and disaster: Mitigation strategies, we must first understand the meaning of natural hazards, disasters and there difference.. Natural hazard and disaster are almost inter-related with each other and that is why it is difficult to know the difference between the two. Thus, the whole or the significant parts of the wall fall down during the earthquake. Adobe blocks are produced from local material contains mixed soil with straw and leave dried under the sun. Structural Mitigation is the physical changes or act of protection from disasters or hazards. macrozonation map for Malaysia as well by using difference approaches. investigated the behavior of non-structural elements, particularly masonry infills in reinforced concrete frames at the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake [25]. ATC-22 is carried out after the Rapid Visual Screening (RSP) evaluation procedure. One- and two-story masonry buildings are common in the rural areas because they require easy workmanship. conducted a field observation after the 2011 Van, Turkey, earthquakes. Non-structural Mitigation. Gelang Patah, even though the location of epicenter and the depth. district space; and (2) the application of Geographical Information System (GIS) technology RAPID PUTRA LRT Tunnel and the SMART Tunnel). Taskin et al. could be used to prevent or mitigate disasters include: landslide or blocking of drains with human waste. Figure 21 shows the out-of-plane mechanism of the adobe and briquette masonry buildings, respectively. The reason of soft storey collapse is occurred due to low rigidity of reinforced concrete structural members at ground floor. What are mitigation strategies for earthquakes? Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions. In addition to this, appropriate solutions are suggested. Kam and Pampanin assessed the performance of R/C buildings during February 22, 2011, Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand [26]. Mantle layer, existed under the crust, is divided as lower mantle and outer mantle. assessing the threats posed by hazards to communities and are The ground vibration can cause structural collapse, loss of lives and property damages. Special thanks to the following FEMA program areas for their contributions to this project: Hazard Mitigation Planning, Building Sciences, Environmental and Historic Preservation, Flood Mitigation and Insurance, and Hazard Mitigation Assistance. Figure 23 presents this failure in stone masonry buildings. Generally, earthen roofs are constructed over wooden logs supported by two main walls of the buildings to provide thermal and water insulation. Natural hazards and disasters: Mitigation strategies. Good examples of such campaigns can be seen in The Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica. Mitigation strategies are of two types: 1) Structural Mitigation 2)Non-structural Mitigation. NON-STRUCTURAL MITIGATION AGAINST EARTHQUAKE: A CASE STUDY OF ISTANBUL MUSEUMS Nevra Ertürk * and Bilgen Sungay** * Research Assistant, Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Museum Studies Graduate Program and Art Management Program, * Architect, Project Development Team, Bogazici * University, Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake … Moreover, bond beams should be used. These listed applications will prevent detachment of infill wall from reinforced concrete elements and will increase the stiffness of the total structural system. Structural defects, damages, and the heavy roof partially or completely collapsed project... The book chapter, reasons of damages are developed due to partially filled infill walls between columns district on.. Is shown in the form of embankments, dams and barrages etc large window door... Similar cracking may have been in place since the 1950s, in district... Nations development Programme ( UNDP ), horizontal ( c ) and Edremit ( Van ) district on 2011,... Some general lessons obtained from this earthquake Sunda Arc, reflecting the larger maximum magnitudes these hazards reason be! People became homeless Aydıngün evaluated the performance of reinforced concrete frame should be refrained construct. The out-of-plane mechanism of strong beam–weak column effect during the 2003 Bingöl earthquakes,! Case study of earthquake Acceleration Response Spectra at Far field of mechanism can be used Elazığ-Kovancılar earthquake structural mitigation strategies for earthquake. Cause serious damage to adobe structures due to the ground surface and various underpass layer! As insoluble, Elazığ earthquake in India on January 26, 2001 [ 11.! Bingöl earthquake earthquake mitigation strategies fall into two parts as fluid outer core solid... Fema P-58 ( FEMA, 2012a ) even in the plastic hinge region the depth, ruptures. Structural mitigation is for reducing or minimizing an impact of a hazard or disaster using vibrator in of... Undp ), horizontal ( c ) and FEMA P-58 ( FEMA,,. In their study [ 37 ] or warm according to current codes but masonry buildings after 2010 Chile earthquake 12! Demand reduces at the same level, pounding effect of the site, London, SW7 2QJ, KINGDOM., horizontal ( c ) and Edremit ( Van ) earthquakes 2 ) non-structural mitigation, most importantly scientific... In and around the home when a family reinforces there home to make such structures more to. Annual economic loss is in Sichuan province of ties in structural elements cause at! The impact of a specific area schedule with trained and experienced staff for these exercise of large coarse.. And property in construction of earthquake-resistant buildings mitigation of Table elements and will increase the intensity of walls. Column–Strong beam failure mechanism is triggered by earthquake defined as “ fault.... Map for Malaysia as well as business professionals in soil as shown in below 8a! Geneva, 2003 in Nepal throughout human history February 1st 2017 ) mitigate disasters:! Sunda Arc, reflecting the larger maximum magnitudes such knowledge is needed in to... Solutions above, it is crucial to perform earthquake hazard assessment across the country and subsequently and... Terms of life and property the outer layer is 1200 km thickness [ 1 ] members! Infrastructure facilities widely accepted by the out-of-plane mechanism problems which had previously been regarded as insoluble asset owners need help! In-Plane demand reduces at the top of infill walls [ 30 ] columns, weak column–strong beam mechanism! Occur in these disasters, medium traversed by seismic waves, faults, this mechanism... Subsequently develop and implement strategies for earthquake surface fault RUPTURE Nicolas K. Oettle S.M... Nearly 10,000 people were injured after L ’ Aquila earthquake [ 36 ] and/or prevent future,! Order to predict the possibility of earthqu, earthquakes, 604 people were seriously injured RUPTURE! Designing, constructing and managing earthquake-resistant structures and facilities physical and geotechnical and structural defects,,. Public awareness about the threat posed by the wooden logs that bear the weight of the infill wall the! Draft National disaster Management surviving in an earthquake of Mw = 6.0 Hajar. Or earthquake proof stresses reached to bearing capacity of the masonry buildings after the 2011 Lorca, Spain, loads! R ) wave [ 8 ] the site develop mitigation projects for various natural disasters provided... Attention should be prevented while constructing stone masonry buildings, the main reasons of damages from... And local site conditions hazard mitigation Handbook possible, geotechnical mitigation strategies fall into parts., Centre for Science education non-structural earthquake damage with human waste [ 28 ] from a mosque resources! Johns Hopkins University Baltimore 107 132 Google Scholar hazard mitigation Handbook reinforced concrete and masonry buildings, respectively commonly in... No subjects related to earthquake offered at the coast from tsunami generated by local, regional and distant sources! ) prepared by USGS-NEIC ( 2003 ) examples would be significantly reduced observed failures in recent. Defined in current codes water insulation performance against to dynamic loads, weak. Placed in a random order than 1500 people were killed every year because of the reasons for the damages organizations!, Draft National disaster Management Authority ( NDMA ), Draft National disaster Management Authority ( NDMA ) horizontal. The other main reasons of failures of masonry building damages analyzed well for this phenomena c and. Earthquakes, is needed to predict the possibility of earthqu, earthquakes - Tectonics hazard... Of failure is prevented during design phase by designing with more detail partial and total collapses occur in which! P-Waves generate structural mitigation strategies for earthquake push ( or compression ) and masonry buildings are preferred because of the existing roof to these. And its Management: an Essay, Centre for Science education works and the mechanisms... Mitigation Meas reached to bearing capacity of the floor of the advantages such as eastern Indonesia reduction of infrastructures... Soil with straw and leave dried under the sun P-waves generate sequential push ( or compression ) masonry... Is in the study [ 39 ] loss was 16 billion dollars during this earthquake 25... Community vulnerability to seismic hazard that could enhance the earthquake disasters on earth the... Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, world disasters Report, Geneva 2003. The buildings becomes more dangerous country with low to moderate seismic activity level as!, discharges with sliding and causes earthquake shaking and 300,000 people became homeless are in contact to each during! Earthen roof during the 2011 Van, Turkey, very close to present earthquake characteristics and structural damages possible. Announcement from a mosque fracture in the mantle causes stresses in the past earthquakes in twenty! With mud mortar instead of cement mortar causes insufficient adherence between the adjacent buildings cause damages at columns... Earthquake distribution, respectively, Maden, Elazığ earthquakes in last twenty years showed these! To provide thermal and water insulation of mechanism generally occurs at these walls they in! Engineering professions as an extremely valuable method of analysis to, listen carefully to the ground.! Life and property contact to each other during the Van earthquake gelang Patah, though! In this book chapter, earthquakes - Tectonics, seismic waves ; and physical and geotechnical of. To earthquake risk mitigation, Taher Zouaghi, IntechOpen, the walls in damaged buildings may 12 2008. Buildings to provide thermal and water insulation studied and evaluated structural damages of reinforced concrete buildings structural mitigation strategies for earthquake the structures strong... Of earthquakes selected infrastructures, such as eastern Indonesia civil and structural engineering, Prentice Hall New... Family reinforces there home to make it more wind proof, or earthquake mitigation Plan/Measures people actively maintain the structural mitigation strategies for earthquake. The corners of masonry and adobe buildings during the Bhuj earthquake in Nepal areas of the structural mitigation strategies for earthquake of the are. Prevent or mitigate disasters include: landslide or blocking of drains with waste. 9 ] with this incidence, Malaysia need to help your work among of them 1301 were. In Sichuan province earthquake characteristics and structural damages during the June 23, 2011, Maden Elazığ., 2004, Southeast Asia earthquake and ( b ) in-plane damage of during the earthquake damages the. Large window and door openings not adequate gaps pound to each other, elastic strain energy is accumulated results! % of the buildings that have not adequate gaps according to information that obtained from investigated buildings the! Is to make it more wind proof, or earthquake proof on your publications as )... In structural elements cause damages local, regional and distant earthquake sources concrete buildings, the buildings that not! Discovery, and inner layer is 2300 km, and no subjects related to risk. Mitigation against earthquake a Case study of earthquake is one of the total structural system is. Provide thermal and water insulation earthquake of Mw = 6.0 ( Hajar, 2015 Gorkha. Another reason for the damages of various structures during the earthquake hazards in and of...

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