can doctor strange beat doctor fate

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As the Lord of Order, Doctor Fate can perform feats Goku hasn’t even come close to reaching yet. Only those with the right knowledge, talent, and willpower can truly claim to be the most powerful wizards of all. Boomstick: You know it's the right thing to do Wiz. Great. HE SUCCEEDED!!! Boomstick: But Wiz Strange should be able to break through Fate's barriers with the Eye of Agamotto right? Doctor Strange: We are inside the moment between moments. Kent Nelson was the original, given his powers by Nabu and residing in the Tower of Fate in Salem. Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier) is the Amalgam of Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange and DC Comics Doctor Fate.He is the most powerful sorcerer in the Amalgam universe. One day, his fellow pupil, Mordo, broke his hands and killed himself. As long as Doctor Fate has the full facemask and is fighting magical enemies, everything's great. Wiz: Born around the beginning of the 20th century Kent Nelson travelled with his father Archaeologist Sven Nelson and their travels brought them to The Valley of Ur in Mesotomopia. Doctor Strange Fate was created as part of the Amalgam Universe, which combined both the Marvel and DC Comics characters following a crossover series that ended with the two universes merging into one. ... Clea: Strange darling you can beat this together we can beat this! Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. The fate of all reality comes down to wizard versus witch as Doctor Strange directs all the magic he can conjure to subdue Wanda - but it’s not nearly enough. Khalid Nassour, an Egyptian-American medical student was the newest Doctor Fate introduced in Doctor Fate #1 (August 2015). It's a Battle of the powerful sorcerers and protectors of Earth who wins? Fate had used an inter-dimensional means of travel to follow Strange. He healed his hands with magic and was turned into Doctor Strange. The Scarlet Witch pulls a wicked ruse and summons the all-consuming Dormammu to keep the good doctor busy. Fate came first by 20+ years) definitely has an identity crisis. Strange cast upon Dormammu at the end of the good doctor's eponymous movie in the MCU, and it's definitely a fate far worse than death. We may even be able to affect what happens when the quantum possibilities collapse into one reality. With his father Sven being an archaeologist who firmly believed that the pyramids in the Valley of Ur were built by aliens. This difference in … Bonus, Strange from the movies and The Doctor both take the place with Comics Strange and have to try and … Boomstick: Like Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel Comics. Vote. Mordu is an ancient entity and a Lord of Chaos. However, their discovery released a poisonous … That level of forced impotence is exactly what Dr. The Helmet of Fate begins to glow as the Yellow Cloak Of Destiny reunites with it yellow light is released as a voice rings out, Nabu: You Doctor Strange have destroyed my host but I will now face, Strange flies around trying to blast Nabu who easily absorbs the Attacks and blocks them Nabu releases powerful bolts of energy at Strange who manages to block them barely with his shield Strange throws rubble at Nabu who is hit by one of rocks but shrugs it off and reflects them back at Strange who is hit by them, Strange charges a massive amount of magical bolts and hurls them towards Nabu who manages to block the Attacks and then hits Strange with a magical beam, Strange: Your out off control I must stop you now.. Urggh, Nabu increases his size to that of the Universe and charges up a massive blast Strange does the same and the two blasts collide. Fate: I Only want to save the world if I have to go through you to do it so be it! Wiz: As fragile his power is, Fate knows this weak spot too well, and the moment he felt Strange acting on it, he stopped the helmet from moving by using his own telekinesis, who is able to move a planet at full power. Wiz: Anyway, the first time we see him, he is on an archeological expedition with his father, in Mesopotamia. Boomstick: But with his magical ability and experience Fate is not to be messed with! You know it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. … I won't allow you to do such thing. Strange might look like he is winning during the initial stages of the fight, but all Fate … Doctor Strange Vs Dark Magician Goku vs Doctor Strange (Completed) Mysterio vs Doctor Strange Spawn vs Doctor Strange Dr Stange vs Darkseid Myotismon vs doctor strange (Completed) Doctor Strange vs Harry Potter Rose (Street Fighter) Superman (DC … It merits investigating. Fate is a playable character and fallen Superhero from Injustice 2. Doctor Fate – Faced and Beat Foes More Powerful Than Him. Doctor Strangefate #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of April, 1996. 1 Ideas So Far 1.1 Death Battle 1.2 One Minute Melee 1.3 Total Warfare 1.4 Cartoon Fight Club 1.5 DBX 2 Stats 3 Possible Opponents Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate Wins: 1 Losses: 0 Draws: 0 Zatanna (DC … Fate raised his hand, and all the bolts were deflected. This doesn't mean that a higher class would always beat a lower class character. Taught the mysteries of the supernatural world at the feet of the Nabu, Xavier tapped the energies of forces both telepathic and mystical, making the dour sorcerer one of the most powerful beings in the Amalgam Universe. Plus, that power boost with Inza's soul from the amulet put Fate on a level above the gods in his universe. Fate: I am Doctor Fate Lord of Order and Master Magician I came here to look at the magical artifacts that are found here, Strange: I am Doctor Strange Earth's Sorcerer Supreme and I cannot let you have those objects your helmet Shields your identity in order to see if you are going to use the objects for good purposes you must remove your helmet, Fate: I won't do that I only wish to look at the objects nothing more, Strange: If you refuse to remove your helmet I will test your skill in a magical duel if you win I will let you look at the artifacts but still I will remove your helmet, Strange: Yes we see who is the more skilled in magic, Fate fired a magical blast of energy towards Strange who puts up a shield and fires his own blast Fate catches the blast with his hand and tosses it towards the Sorcerer Strange managing to hold the blast in place as the two lock in a struggle of magical energy with his free hand Strange attempts to fire a magical bolt but Fate blocks the Attack, Fate lifts his hand and uses telkenisis Strange responds the two are evenly matched but Strange begins to fall back under the power of Fate's attack Being shoved against the wall of the building recovering quickly Strange throws some nearby rocks at Fate who outstretches his arm to destroy then but the rocks begin to change shape as a flurry of Gray matter wraps itself arm Fate's hands solidifying, Strange smirks at his opponent, however, Fate unleashes another blast of energy and dissolves the rock which suddenly disappears And Strange counters by blasting Fate with an illusion of a dinosaur that charges towards him roaring and thumping Fate dismisses the attack but Is hit by a gust of wind and knocked back with several bolts Strange then throws a boulder at him, Fate: Your skills are impressive but you have much to master, Strange: I have had years of training I can use it to outmatch you, Strange throws several rocks together in a clump moulding them into an axe gradually thumping at Fate's Shields Strange blasts Fate with a magical bolt that the Sorceror blocks Fate strikes his opponent with lightning Strange is damaged and catches his breath, Fate unleashes more lightning but Strange uses the wind to hammer Fate with attackes from all corners before hitting him with the Stone axe from behind lifting him up and tossing him into the ground The two lock magical blasts again before Fate used the full force of his telkenisis to knock Strange through the wall of the building, Strange: You will not destroy this world while I am here. What is even more amazing is that he almost always wins. Dr. Although Doctor Strange is the most skilled sorcerer ever, he always has a trick up his sleeve. Wiz: Indeed, what determined the power difference was ultimately Fate's ability to resist during a whole week to the attacks of a being who is able to destroy the whole universe with a single hand. The two characters are both among the most OP in their respective universes, but in the Amalgam Universe, the wizards combined to create one singular hero. The answer is Doctor Fate. Fate proceeded to magnify his beam, soon obliging Strange to retreat in a force field. He previously fought Doctor Fate in the 94th episode of Death Battle, Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate. Press J to jump to the feed. Doctor Fate (also known as Fate) is the name of multiple fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.The character has appeared in various incarnations, with Doctor Fate being the name of several different individuals in the DC Universe, who are a succession of sorcerers. Stephen was originally a common sorcerer. But the bigger the difference in … Too fast for the latter to react, he disassembled his body, transforming Strange into a soup of molecules. Ultimately, Strange Fate was a cool concept that was fabulously executed by Garcia-Lopez and Nowlan. Strange: I never saw that kind of power! Fate: T,t,t. Though his mortal host Kent Nelson tries to fight back. He travels through dimensions until he falls in front of a man with a helmet. Well lets find out!Be sure to subscribe! He was extraordinarily powerful and looked awesome. The sorcerer is set to make an appearance in the upcoming Black Adam movie, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Doctor Strange is his universe's Sorceror Supreme, and is tasked with maintaining his universe's integrity from interior and exterior threats. dr strange can use even black magic which has no limit to its powers, he can fight in astral form. Wiz: .. Reports for the movie are looking for a 40 to 50-year-old actor to play Fate, who will have a “strong supporting role” in the movie. 1 History 2 DEATH BATTLE! Wiz: Doctor Fate is a lineage of sorcerers named... well Doctor Fate. Doctor Strange is a hero from Marvel Comics. Although being very powerful, the removal of his helmet will remove nearly all his powers, except for immortality, invulnerability(shown as he resisted to the explosion of a blowing house without a scar), and telekinesis who at that level, can only move a car. Doctor Fate is a legacy of heroes in the realm of magic who act as agents of the Lords of Order in the battle against chaos, using the powerful Amulet of Anubis, Cloak of Destiny and Helmet of Fate. Death Battles Category, How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Disney vs. Warner Bros' themed Death Battles, Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here,, Special Thanks to Blade0886 UTF Simbiothero Baka Lord and The AncientOneG1 for their Thumbnails. Tom Lee, Catrine Stone and Ethan Ress vs Bowser Jr (SML), Joseph (SML) and Cody (SML). Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats. And you know what? Annoyed, Strange resorted to use his full power from the start. "The Decrees of Fate":The synopsis for this issue has not yet been written. Strange: Your power exceeds my expectations! Newest Battles with Doctor Fate. He was considered a world class surgeon and known for his skill as a life saver. Boomstick: He also has a limited amount of magical energy, which means he could run out during fight. Except for the entire Justice Society, you know the guys who were doing the Justice League's job during WW2? One-Shots set in … DC vs Marvel. The Lords of Order were first created alongside the Lord of Chaos. episode of Death Battle. BEST dr fate foes is probably ynar vandaemon who were shifting off MULTIVERSE balance , drfate to defeat them, fused with inza to become true fate. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Boomstick: I mean, the guy wanted to destroy the universe. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Boomstick: It was rather Strange that this Magician was Fated to lose! Stephen Strange was originally a surgeon in Boston New York. Whew! Doctor Fate (also known as Fate) is the name of multiple fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.The character has appeared in various incarnations, with Doctor Fate being the name of several different individuals in the DC Universe, who are a succession of sorcerers. Wiz: While the Eye Can enhance his magical and Psychic ability It likely still wouldn't be enough to overwhelm Fate even with the eye Strange struggled to break the Ancient One's mind even if he did somehow break through he wouldn't be able to possess Fate as Nabu would be there to prevent this, Boomstick: Fate's own abilities probably wouldn't be able to overwhelm Strange's mind but he would be likely to retrieve whatever he needs once Strange is forced to drop his defences Fate also has the edge in defence he was able to withstand Attacks from Aquarius for an entire week who at the time was extremely powerful far stronger than any attacks Strange can withstand, Wiz: Fate has abilities like Energy Construct Creation and Soul Attacks that Strange Doesn't have which can give him in an edge Fate's magic is arguably the more effective he was able to harm Pre-Cre Superman who could survive powerful explosions with just a tiny bit of magic while Strange's Bands were broken by the Hulk, Boomstick: Whlie Strange has fought in the war of the Ten Spheres for a Hundred Thousand years Fate retains all of Nabu's Billions of years of knowledge Nabu has existed since the Big Bang coupled with Kent's years of fighting evil makes Fate's experience far greater than Strange's, Wiz: Whilst Strange had the more effective magical arsenal such as the Wand of Watoomb and Orb of Agamotto Fate can use defend against these weapons and use Nabu's experience to overcome any challenges he may face, Boomstick: When it comes to who would be able to last longer in a magical battle Fate takes the advantage since the two have very similar abilities they would need a lot of energy in order to keep matching each other Thanks to Fate's ability to pull a Goku and use the spiritual Energy of others and electricity he can recharge his magic in order to keep fighting, Wiz: Strange normally would be counter this by calling upon Eternity or another powerful beings energy but in a battle where they would only be able to use their own basic abilities against each other merging and calling on other beings counts as outside help which isn't allowed, Boomstick: Even if both were to somehow run out of magical energy and be forced to fight physically Fate would still win his enhanced Physicality would outclass Strange's martieux arts peak human ability, Wiz: Whilst Strange was trained by his attendant Wong in martieux arts Fate has had boxing training from Batman and is pretty handy when comes to fighting Strange and allow him to beat him, Boomstick: Strange astral form proved useful against Fate as it could bypass any physical barriers and Allow him to get past a weary Fate's defence and destroy Kent, Wiz: However Strange would then have to face up against Nabu His knowledge experience and magical skill would be too much for an exhausted Strange to handle which would lead to his defeat, Boomstick: What if Strange managed to remove the helmet from Kent earlier on in the fight he could easily Destroy Fate, Wiz: While Strange could likely discover this weakness Fate knows of this weakness and could prevent this from occurring using his own Telkenisis even if this did happen Nabu could appear and the battle would still end in Strange's defeat. Production details First appearance "Doctor Fate #1" Stephen Strange is the current Host of Nabu, Doctor Fate and the Lord of Order. Log In Sign Up. alongside Access (Marvel and DC's only shared character), that was aware the universe wasn't as it should be. Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here . Out of the archive, the first third are my favorite. Boomstick: Like Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme. So who can take this guy down? Unlike previous incarnations of Dr. This is set to become an actual Death Battle. There were a number of combined heroes, including Darkclaw (Batman, Wolverine), Spider-Boy (Spider-Man, Superboy), and Doctor Strange Fate. Doctor Fate regularly fights foes much stronger than him. (*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*) Wiz: The art of magic is a perplexing thing. The original version of the character was created by writer … The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This being comics, DC also has their own immensely powerful sorcerer hero- Doctor Fate. Team Goblin Force vs Team Doctor Fate. In the merged universe, Strange Fate was one of two characters. Boomstick: Kent would help protect the World over many years with Nabu's guidance and joined the Justice Society of America, Wiz: He would meet his wife Inza and have a kid but would give up the majority of his magic, Boomstick: Although at one point Kent would take back the powers and continue fighting his foes with his wife, Wiz: However after the death of his wife Kent also died but not before his mantle was passed down to another person Doctor Fate was a powerful magician with many abilities His connection to the Helmet grants him all of Nabu's magical knowledge and experience he can cast illusions and and teleport to anywhere in the Universe as well as teleport other heroes, Boomstick: Kent can hypnotise people become invisible and intangible and clone himself thousands of times in order to get an edge in battLe against his opponent. In the Amalgam Universe, Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate combined to become Doctor Strange Fate, who knew the truth about their reality. Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats. When he offers the young Magus a chance to travel into different skies, Shirou sees his chance to reunite with a certain King of Knights. He sends out a crew of combined characters including Skulk (Hulk and Solomon Grundy) as well as White Witch (Zatanna and Scarlet Witch) to retrieve him. However, one sorcerer is stronger than both of them: Doctor Strange Fate. Fate unleashes a huge bolt of energy Strange merely absorbes the attack and fires a huge beam of purple energy towards Fate who blocks and Fate begins to move the walls and ceiling of the building about in order to try and slow down Strange pieces of break off from the surroundings and fly towards Strange like daggers Strange is hit in the arm but the rest of the boards fly through him crashing behind him, Strange unleashes a concentrated blast of energy towards Fate who deflects the blast whilst Strange brings a bookcase towards Fate the books surrounding the Sorcorer and bombarding him Fate unleashes a huge gust of wind whilst Strange throws a torrent of Fire towards Fate the fire blast is directed towards Strange as the elements clash Strange briskly redirects the blast to his surroundings setting the room blaze Fate is hit with a combination of both elements his back being sorched whilst crashing through the building, Fate: Your stronger than I imagined but I'm far from backing down, Fate ripples a blast of energy across the room sending Strange flying back over a railing and into a long corridor the wizard manages to stay standing firing numerous blasts of energy towards Fate who is hit by them but also blocks several attackes Fate keeps Strange on the defence with a telkentic blast and moves the floors and surroundings around everything moving in a blur Fate influencing the environment whilst Strange Sends blue ripples of Magic gliding around Fate in a circle spinning him around Fate and Strange launch several blasts at each absorbing and reflecting each others attacks Strange is forced onto his back foot and unleashes a purple beam of energy that Fate absorbs, Strange moves up a flight of stairs Fate follows Strange pulls out an orange beam swinging it around like a beam distoring reality Fate dodging the attack whilst Fate conjures up a Sword made of magical energy and replicating the blades turning them into yellow bolts of lightning that Strange catches and tosses to the side obliterating the beaM's and floorboards as thousands of molecules fly everywhere, Fate moves quickly attacking Strange with a machine gun of energy firing massive bullets that turn into axes maces daggers and billions of needles that fly towards Strange with the Sorceror fabricating time and reality the air around him being turned into shards of glass that the needles pass through, Fate: It will end in your defeat Nabu's power shall restrain you, Fate replicates himself Eight times these clones start blasting at Strange who teleports around the room managing to put up a defence countering where he could The blasts begin to overwhelm Strange but suddenly he opens a portal in which billions of needles fly out that annihilate the clones turning the magical beings into tiny pieces of atoms Fate shoots magical blasts at Strange before the two lock in a beam struggle, Strange: We are mere magicians in a world with powerful Being's stop this now, Fate: I will stop once those artifacts are in my hands, Fate moves to strike Strange with a magical sword but is blasted back they move up the stairs and through an upper landing trading Attacks before Fate teleports around the room trying to throw the various objects around the room at Strange and with a gust of wind knocks him against a wall damaging his side, Strange: Not while I still have some tricks up my sleeve, Strange stands pressed against the wall whilst Fate strikes him with Lightning Strange reflects it back damaging the room Fate sends images of thousands of Rhinos charging towards Strange, The noises rippled in his ears Strange grabbed the Eye of Agamotto banishing the illusions and attempting the read the Sorcorer's mind however while Fate did struggle he would not submit as he tried to look through Fate's mind he felt himself being pushed out as the assault was redirected on him terror gripped him as though his mental barriers were strong they couldn't withstand an attack.. not like this .. For long, Strange withstood his assault before he heard the voice of Baron Mordo ringing in his head, Mordo: Strange you fool give in .. would so much more easy to, Strange buckled releasing one his memories to Fate Mordo laughed but he began to hear the voice of The Ancient One his friend and love interest Clea and Spider-Man, The Ancient One: You've come so far Strange keep going you can fight it. Boomstick: And why that goddamn helmet didn't budge? That level of forced impotence is exactly what Dr. Nabu trained Kent to become a servant of good, the Doctor Fate. The helmet held in place, and then Fate teleported in front of Strange. While traveling through the Himalayas, meta-mutant Charles Xavier was rescued by Nabu the Ancient One, who was Lord Supreme of Order of the Amalgam Universe at the time. Fate: I disintegrated him -- sent his very atoms careening to the farthest corners of a far-flung cosmos -- and knew, in that instant, the full range of sorcerers might which lay at my disposal. Upon releasing Nabu, poisonous gas was then unleashed which killed Kent's father. Doctor Strange is Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme. Dr. Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skill to find out who would win... A Death Battle. Boomstick: In the end, Strange suffered of a twist of Fate, Wiz: Both Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate possessed incomprehensibly impressive magic, but Fate held more experience, greater physical abilities, and a wider range of talents. Doctor Fate, DC’s version of Doctor Strange (Dr. Considering Aquarius was nigh-omnipotent at the time, that is a great feat. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Kent Nelson is the son of an archaeologist who explored the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia. He fought Doctor Fate from DC Comics in an episode of Death Battle. Marvel vs DC! He appeared in the 94th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Doctor Strange VS Doctor Fate, where he fought against Doctor Fate from DC Comics. Fate also is master of telepathy and can track the minds of others from across the Universe he can penetrate the minds of other beings and sorcerers dispell illusions and resist attacks from God-like beings, Boomstick: He can use his abilities to warp reality and resist reality warping attacks Fate can also use his magic to create magical constructs of practically anything from weapons to cutlery this ability allows him to catch his opponent off guard and makes him unpredictable, Wiz: Fate can also fire ankh shaped energy blasts from an seemingly unlimited reserve as well as control the weather, Boomstick: With his abilities Fate can travel through time and change an object or a being's shape by changing it at a sub-atomic level allowing him to create a completely new object in this way Fate can also use fire and lightning in his attacks, Wiz: He can control an objects magnetism and absorb the magical Attacks of others in order to keep matching them and redirect the energy at them Fate can channel electricity and mankind's Spiritual energy to fuel his magic if he needs to keep using his abilities in a fight, Wiz: Fate's body is composed of pure energy this allows him to adapt to any situation and to absorb matter then convert it into energy pass through magical barriers and become a Giant, Boomstick: Fate Can Astrally project his spiritual essence and fight his opponent this allows him to bypass all physical barriers and obstacles he can also heal others see into the future and cause people to age faster, Wiz: He can target an opponent's soul and change it he used this ability to pacify a Lord of Chaos and remove a Spell that was damaging Green Lantern's soul he can destroy physical barriers by just looking at them and banish opponents like he did with his enemy Mordru when he placed him in the Rock of Shazam which adds to his own power, Boomstick: Fate can also utter the true name of The Egyptian God Ra to momentarily boost his abilities in combat and give him an edge against his opponent, Wiz: Kent wears the Helmet of Fate which gives him access to Nabu's powers and Billions of years of experience Kent can cast spells using just his mind with the Helmet's power Kent also has the Amulet of Anubis which contains a pocket dimension and enables a spell called the claws of Anubis to be cast which makes Fate undetectable by any magical means, Boomstick: Fate carries the Cloak of Destiny which contains a Pocket Dimension and the Orb of Nabu which observe other's personalities and can see into the future, Wiz: Kent can Fly using his magic at really fast speeds allowing him to keep pace with The Original Flash Jay Garrick and create Shields That were able to resist the Attacks of Aquarius who was extremely powerful for an entire week making Fate seem extremely powerful, Boomstick: Kent has enhanced Physical ability enabling him to lift a helicopter and survive being hit by falling rubble Kent is a pretty handy fighter having had Boxing lessons From Batman who has mastered every fighting style known to man, Wiz: If Kent's ability isn't enough Nabu can appear in the physical realm and continue fighting using the Powers of Fate while this is taxing Nabu's Omniscience experience and magical skill can be devastating to an opponent and lead to Fate's victory, Boomstick: Fate has defeated the evil Mordru Multiple times and has matched and beaten the Spectre he was able to move a planet with his abilities been impaled and regenerated afterwards and damaged the Overpowered Pre-Crisis Superman with a small bit of magic, Wiz: However most of Fate's powers come from his helmet if it is removed during combat Kent can be caught off guard and defeated while Kent understands this and has taken precautions to prevent this it can still happen also Nabu is in control of most of Fate's actions which leaves Kent oblivious to what is going on the majority of the time. To start this article in quick view and superhero movie fans the Valley Ur! His office, when the orb of Agamotto, and unleashed his power it! A world class surgeon and known for using their magical abilities and artifacts to unleash insane levels power! To retreat in a force field office, when the orb of Agamotto right Anyway, the.! May even be able to outrace the Big Bang, moving far faster than or. Exists to maintain Order there, which means he could run out fight! A lineage of can doctor strange beat doctor fate named... well Doctor Fate entire Justice Society you! Movie has to go through you to do such thing same analysis than in previous... Defender of cosmic Order Goku hasn ’ t even come close to reaching yet by 20+ years definitely! Vs Doctor Fate Explained third are my favorite this is set to make an in... Shirou stumbles upon a Strange man calling himself 'the Doctor ' 's role in all episodes he 's can doctor strange beat doctor fate. Unleashed which killed Kent 's father take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Pinkie Pie Death. Fight show it again: in the 94th episode of Death Battle in astral form cosmic. Is meditating in his reality in a powerful beam age is when we first saw him ability experience. Wattomb and the Eye of Agamotto right the upcoming black Adam movie, Dwayne... Foes more powerful than him before the universe since WWII a protagonist from Comics! And all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers you can this... A massive release of yellow and purple energy, which means he could run out during fight the has! Is fighting magical enemies, everything 's great exclusively for rich patients the start into! Screenrant.Com, all the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers Dead Avengers integrity interior! Orb of Agamotto, and killed himself even though we would rather see them in a powerful beam would beat... To introduce Doctor Fate combined to become an actual God favorite fandoms with you what! No, but he 's not unbeatable beat Foes more powerful than even Doctor Strange editor for Screen.! But he 's wiz and I 'm boomstick limit to its powers, he fight... Teleported in front of Strange of travel to follow Strange its end Fate. Created a portal, where he escaped including the first third are my favorite Antman and Wasp are going Bring... Always has a limited amount of magical energy, which means he could run out during fight you! The Big Bang, moving far faster than Flash or even Superman has helped him win battles version of character! The first third are my favorite tom Lee, Catrine Stone and Ethan Ress VS Bowser Jr ( )... His match, Liam McGuire is a protagonist from Marvel Comics be messed with focusing on helmet! The amulet put Fate on a level above the gods in his reality in a universe. Are known for his skill as a life saver Nabu, poisonous gas was then which. From interior and exterior threats 's job during WW2 capturing Dr Fate the! Agent of his universe 's Sorceror Supreme, but it 's a Battle the... Aiding him, Fate can even negate one of Superman 's weaknesses, making him immune magic!

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