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but the story is fantastic, the characters are very original/ they have very well made personalities and the humor is awsome ^^! After collapsing outside of his apartment, drunk, Chiaki inadvertently meets a young woman named Nodame who, while quite talented at the piano, is unclean, clumsy, and haphazard. For all you fans of magic-based Anime like Sailor Moon, we have some equally exciting and entertaining options lined-up for you below. Another similarity is that the main characters both have love issues. funny,romance, cute but mysterious male lead. Comedy, Shoujo and romance ... i would rlly like to know thnx! How they grow up, how they overcome their difficulties and the realism of their stories really make it easy to empathsize (with a hint of luck of course!). If you like one you'll like the other. fanfiction archive with over 4,145 stories. If you like hearing about celebrities, idols, and show business overall, you'll like either anime, because both feature characters who are thrown into the limelight! While others have given up on her, the legendary actress Tsukikage sees her hidden potential and offers to take Maya under her tutelage. are very similar in a lot of different aspects. while Skip Beat! (Uta no prince is much much beater then skip beat....skip beat was kinda lame but uta no prince is a good anime ). It has a little romance too, so you will have the best of both words. When your Anime with similar genre that i had read: D.N. Skip Beat! and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge have similar artwork and humor. Both shows are romantic, comedies that focus on a female lead that works for a goal, despite the fact that many of the people around her try to discourage her for her lack of experience. both anime has ultra cool and intelligent heroine, and both of them contains less romance than the other shoujo anime. If you you like the awkward chase-around of love shrouded in comedy, you'll likely enjoy both of these series. Skip Beat has a developing romantic relationship, while Kaleido Star focuses more on friendship and rivalries between the performers both on and off the stage. Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! So i am going to start a petition and won't give up till we have at least 1000 signatures until the production company , media Broadcasting and the producers and director with their team, will make a Second Season for Skip Beat ! Anime like Skip Beat! Two guys who are fighting for the love of the one they love, basically a love triangle. Both main female characters have a strong personality and chibi forms are similar. The first episode might seem very girly and not very original but, these are both HILARIOUS. Both have a strong female protagonist and a similar sense of humor throughout the series. Both are shoujo comedy shows that have romance elements. I love Skip Beat! Special A. Each involves a little bit of romance and some comedy thrown in. is pure reality If you liked Kaichou wa Maid-sama or Skip Beat then you will like the other because: 1) Both of the series have good comical aspects. Not a whole lot of romance in both, but just enough to keep you watching the next ep. If you love female protagonists like that, I recommend: Skip Beat!, Claymore, Hana Yori Dango, Kaichou ha maid-sama, Handkerchiefs recommended. Faced with professional and social challanges(love life) both lead characters are able to overcome them by self-examination. Message Body. I hope it'll go on forever! Similarities She gets really angry sometimes while Yona would probably get depressed. Favourite answer. - The romance in them feels honest, like it would have happened even without you watching, if that makes any sense. she changes her looks to make it in show business to get revenge on an Ex-boy. I can't say that this is exactly the same as skip beat!, It does resemble the same lesson learned, which is learning to love, when you lost trust in someone or even yourself, It's not as romantic (sorry to the people who are looking for romantic series similar to Kaichou wa maid sama.) MC in Masamune revenge tries to get revenge on a girl who rejected him. The personalities of Fruits Basket's Tohru and Skip Beat's Kyoko aren't outwardly similar, but they're both incredibly driven independant girls whose parents are out of the picture, and who place and enormous emphasis on friendship. Heartthrobbing and sweet moments are definitely to wiggle and giggle for. Both girls want to become famous so that they can reach out to someone they love/loved. Will Hikari ever surpass Kei... or realize that he loves her? FAQ You could say Nana is strangely the adult version of Skip Beat. They are not sappy or fake but there is a lovely tenderness and protectiveness towards one another that was great and heartfelt. Funny and upbeat XP. The mood in the stories is different - La Corda is much more shojo-ish, but both are fun to watch, comic at times, entertainment-related and have romance. It's not difficult to fall in love with the plot. Its a good combination of comedy and romance! It's about a taller than average girl falling for a shorter than average boy and how she goes about confessing and winning his love. that is thinking that she is not pretty enough. Initially seen as weak, delusional, and sheltered, both female protagonist strive to make changes in their life. Both of the main characters (Yona and Kyoko) start off as pussies who are weak as shit, and essentially dedicate their lives to a guy that they've fallen for (Su-won and Sho). Special A. Skip Beat! Also, a similar characteristic if you read the Skip Beat manga as well, Nana and Kyoko both have absent mothers who abandoned them. They also both have overly optimistic opinions of people at first. i loooooooooooooove skip beat, n i havnt found another anime like that. Both series are hilarious. They both have a romantic triangle going on, the second guy came into the picture because of the first one and in both cases the guys are possessive and competitive as they are in the same line of work. Skip・Beat!, (3-in-1 Edition), Vol. Just average acting with competition and falling in love. If you like the randomness of the Jokes, or the minor but all important love story, then these are for you. She works hard and pours in a lot of effort to help Shoutaro achieve his dreams. But no amount of talent will help when Haruhi accidentally drops an eight million yen vase in a music room. have patience! 's lead character has her little Pandora's box of hauntings. Good comedy and romance. The relationships they enter into with the male characters are also great because they develop more naturally over time. Both Misaki Ayuzawa and kyoko are hardworking and trying to do their best like Misaki Ayuzawa want to make the school better for girl and kyoko wan to act well in a show with ren tsuruga. Either series is very enjoyable. both the main females have the same attitude, all in the series are very similar. plus the girl in skip has a strange obsession with voodoo dolls and the girl in the wallflower loves anatomical dummies and skeletons. They are full of character development, and challenges heroines go trough tend to overshadow romantic aspects of series, significantly more in Skip Beat. However, in Skip Beat!, your demanding and perfectionist biseinen actor Tsuruga is who ends up being attracted by Mogami's personality Ouran High is a school for the extremely wealthy or, in Haruhi's case, the extremely talented. It showcases the growth of a young woman who starts learning how to take her future into her own hands instead of working just for the sake of others, a story that deals with the entertainment business and that differentiates greatly from Fruits Basket. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Back to I'm Looking For... You must be registered to post! 1) they want to prove someone wrong and 2) because they find a passion for it. world the heroines have to overcome obstacles along the way with ever a man The animation isn't always about the real world, but the world as the characters see it, so spirits and words and characters pop up on the screen to express everything so much more awesomely. They have similar romantic backgrounds, with both the female leads disliking the male main characters in the beginning, but falling in love in the end. Both star female main character who have a troubling past, but are still able to cover up their lies to focus on their tasks. She continues to bail him out until she finds out he's only been using her for her delicious cooking and wife-like, hardworking … The characters aren't just crazy and hilarious. some development, and no doubt happy endings at the end, quite predictable. Like, a romantic comedy, but with some sweet moment where the two characters fall in love, but like, not immediately. Both Nana's (NANA) and Kyoko (Skip Beat!) If you love one, you'll probably love the other. In Ouran High School Host Club she has disguided herself as a boy, and she is stuck there to pay off the a debt. Chapter Name: Date Added: Skip Beat 1: : 07/07/2009: Skip Beat 2: Who Once Is Obessed: 07/07/2009: Skip Beat 3: The Frightening Casting: 07/07/2009: Skip Beat 4: Casting of Horror: 07/07/2009: Skip Beat 5: The Missing Emotion: 07/07/2009: Skip Beat … they both have a love interest- although Skip Beat! Both series are exquisitely-crafted, with a perfect balance between heartwarming and hilarious. The characters will enthrall you and the series will make you laugh and...laugh! 1. The actresses also have a 'relationship' for an older man, which in both cases the male character has conflicting emotions about how he should go about their 'relationship'. I think Kyoko from Skip Beat is a bit more "agressive" than Erika from Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. Anonymous. r/SkipBeat: Welcome to r/SkipBeat, the community for Skip Beat new, releases and discussions. They are still great but Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Gakuen Alice, Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Skip Beat … I think Skip Beat is very lighthearted but has a good plot and is enjoyable. Same theme of Revenge but Masamune seeks to break the girl's heart while Kyoko aims to become better than the guy. Both heroines start off with a love interest that betrays them deeply which causes them to resent that person and act on revenge, vengeance. -have someone they look up to/rival. i also think their same in the love story..she only realized in the end of her love and her comedic character and funny way to solve her own problem. The most important thing that is similiar in both animes is passion.Characters are not very alike, but I think their lust for art and people around are very cheering up.Nana is more mature but Skip Beat show a lot to think too. Kyoko and Misaki have identical personalities with a wide variety of characters that they meet along the way of their journeys. May cupid's arrow strike you silly and captivate you to watch this collection of romantic anime like Special A. both are childhood friends that's very precious to the protagonists and they reveal their identities at the end of the series. Skip Beat is not as lengthy and doesn't have fillers like Full Moon wo Sagashite, which is a plus. Both main characters are strong, determined and likeable females with a lot of spirit and ambition and their journeys of the ups and downs of working and sacrificing for your dreams are extremely relatable and inspiring. the style is similiar, both very funny and with a girl who can be really evil :D. In a way, these two animes are quite alike, but in another way they are different. They both also have very solid supporting characters and it is easy to fall in love with the varied cast. Both are enjoyable comedy shows. - Fruits Basket is with normal people (as far as status goes - not counting the supernatural, obviously) Although the settings and circumstances are different, the relationships between people in these two shows are quite similar and if you liked one, I'm sure you'll love the other. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi is fresher in my mind than Skip Beat, but I do remember a few things that I liked about both of them: Skip Beat! Both are pretty funny. This guy is the smart planning type of person. The heroines overcome numerous obstacles and deception. Privacy VIEW OLDER REPLIES. 3 Slice of life, lighthearted, and a slow paced anime Now, as the top two students in a prestigious academy, the duo continues their long-running competition as part of the school's elite class of seven, the Special A. Even the characters are very unique and spunky. So yesterday i binged skip beat, and if it had better ending, i mean, it would my top 5 anime. Lovely Complex is a story of a boy and a girl. Its awesome :3 ...Theres not many anime like it... its unique, but.. Skip Beat and Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% are very similar in that they share the same type of alluring call to those who are trying to make it big. Both are romcoms with female characters which display alternate versions of themselves... *hard to describe, the main heroines both have twisted personalities that make them seem crazy but they still care deeply for other people. Girl Power! both are Slice of Life about people wanting to achieve some sort of ultimate goal, in Skip Beat! Also, in both the heroine has some trouble with represantants of the other sex. Both the animes have main leads trying to make it big in acting. Also the animation in both series are very similar, perfect for a comedy anime ^^, Oviously there is a main guy involved in both animes where you see hints of romance along with a lot of comedy :). Through hard work and her never-give-up attitude, she perseveres to become a star in her industry and forms many complicated relationships along the way. I love both the animes and I'll recommend them both :-). Skip Beat, however, has romance, while Carole and Tuesday has more of a science fiction element. 2,973. Having to worry about money problems and jobs, the fate had to create aditionally an umbelieveably annoying guy!! As the series progress, you really get to know how these characters think and feel. !Both deserve to be watched en both are certainly a must see!enjoy:). #1 a beginner actress, many claim her amateur, though she is really talanted Anonymous. deals with celebrities - the entertainment business (movies not THAT you dirty people!). ace94. Skip Beat! then Wallflower and Skip Beat are the right choices, both animes feature lead female protagonists in quest to change themselves, both animes have a great comedy aspect that will keep you laughing until the end and both feature bishounen characters.So if you like one of them then for sure you will enjoy the other one as well. other anime fans just like you. If you're a fan of the shoujo genre, or just romantic comedies in general, and you liked one, you would definately like the other. Kirarin is younger, but the show business theme is still similar. there both funny and cute. Simmilar plots and charaters. Both characters experience drawbacks and gradually get better as an actor. I really hope this helps you choose some great romance/comedy anime, they are … It'll sure to entertain especially to a female audience! in both animes the story progresses in a nice unexpected way which makes them worth watching. In both cases this cause a tranformation, as well as making her a bit frightening to the public. is oftentimes referred to as THE shoujo anime like Naruto is referred to as THE shounen anime. Both of these anime are a must see if your a fan of comedy, romance and shoujo. Nana Komatsu is on her way to Tokyo; now she can finally be with her boyfriend after a year of dating long-distance! These series both have a lot of obviously lovers and comedy. In both series, there is a girl who is pursuing for a career in the entertainment industry (although for different reasons). If magic-girl animes aren't your cup of tea, Skip beat will definitely please you with a more realistic trip. Main female characters are not very much alike, but they both only have one parent, are commoners, stubborn, nice and brave. ... the comedy is actually something to laugh about too. In these two series, there is a love triangle between two guys and one girl. The character design of Skip Beat might put you off but please consider it. Both Skip Beat and Glass Mask series have a similar main theme, where a young girl wats to be a part of show-business. But the plot, setting and characters are nothing alike. Nana is more about music, while Skip Beat is more about acting. Those two shows are not your usual romance comedy anime but truly something special. If you haven't seen a show on this list, don't downvote it! Each one is about a relation between two persons. He/she does not think about pursuing the entertainment industry until he/she is influenced by someone. Both series have strong female characters trying to make it in the world , and find themselves. :] Well, actually most animes run for at least 26 episodes, but if you want something like skip beat: Lovely Complex. :). They both have have some hilarious moments. Both animes have a hard working girl as the main character who hates guys and the main guy character makes her really mad and frustrated but you can tell he really cares for her!!! Skip beat and Itazura na kiss are both Romantic comedies that will leave you wanting for more. 8 Anime like Sailor Moon. (two in Skip Beat! My Hero Academia Action, Comedy. i watch... kamikaze kaitou jeanne kaitou saint tail Full Moon wo Sagashite it must be anime, not manga Skip Beat Card Captor Sakura Fruits Basket Ouran High School Host Club Kamichama Karin Pretear Princess Tutu Kodomo no Omocha Maid Sama Shugo Chara (Party n Doki also) La corda doro primo … Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for... First off, I don't understand why Skip Beat! Life is busier I guess. Meiji Era (All anime on Veoh) common members: 5967 videos: 2569 discussions: 3012. The story is really amazing. Both protagonists are ambitious, goal-driven, capable, and resilient. One girl overcomes lonliness while another overcomes hatred and betrayal. Special A. The two series are set in the show business world, with a focus on the "behind the scenes" of the acting world. One of the main differences is that 1. this is Yaoi 2. The female leads in these shows are both strong and fiery, which means they take things to extreme measures sometimes. - Both main characters have in some way lost their family at a young age Both anime are very interesting. They focus on themes like image, beauty, and self-esteem. Since I've started watching, I've become completely attached to this anime. conclusion Kyouko from Skip Beat is basically the same as Yako. The relations between girls and boys from the animes are a bit similar, as well as their way of behaving. 1. That's not saying that Yona is not a strong character, it is just that she gets stronger over time. +Yona is treated like royalty all her life while Kyoko was of low-class status Skip Beat is the winner all the way ^^, Glass Mask is about a young 13-year-old girl, Maya Kitajima, who has no specific talent for anything--except acting. Both shows are about strong women that follow their man to make it big in the entertainment industry. The main characters Misaki and Mogami are both willful and determined girls who can take care of themselves. Both stories involve a single girl or a group of girls that gain experience in the world of show business, learning about the ins and outs of it while slowly becoming more and more famous. I just enjoyed that it wasnt with weak character, she was strong, hard working a talented from the beggining. :]. This list is only a start- we want anime fans like you to add your favorite anime series that are like Naruto to this list, so that others can vote on them and help grow the list. Both are romance shoujo series in which main characters aspire to become famous and succeed in show business. Forceful main girls, and both have a vulnerable sides. First Prev 1 2 Next Last. There are a few differences though. Lovely Complex is more focused on romance than Skip Beat, but both are worth watching just because they are not cliche, and both female leads has a rocking personality, even though both of them have different types of rocking personalities =). but through different abilities both stories work within the entertainment world and the hardships to reach the top between other competitors. -show that they have a goal of becoming a top idol. Both anime(s) features romance themes. here are some user recommendations: Do Not Sell My Personal Information Both anime feature characters that devote themselves to love, and romance. Both series have similar animation style Additionally, they are determined to try out new ideas for their careers. Skip Beat! makes you fall in love with the characters and you cant help, but to continue watching. Ouran High School Host Club, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, Glass Mask (2005), Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, … While Skip Beat and Kamisama Hajimemashita may not have a lot in common at first glance, they do have many similarities. it's Tsuruga Ren and Mogami Kyoko and in Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Also, both series are very similar in the way they suddenly change from outrageously funny to deadly serious. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is more of a high-school drama and Skip Beat! Both is about acting and romance, though the difference is it doesnt involve any revenge or anything like that. Both series have striking art and a cast of strapping young bishes to oogle. The are both surrounded by a cast of "pretty" boys who prove to be more complex then they seemed. Give in to the chuckles of sweet lurve and enjoy the shows. Both animes are comedy. Boh main male characters are handsome but cold guys, untill their codness goes away, thanks to our heroines. If you loved one, you're likely to love the other. If you enjoyed Skip Beat and you don't mind Yaoi, then you should definitely watch Love Stage!! Schau Skip Beat! ©2021 All Rights Reserved. The comedy is also similar and the same for the male lead that have arrogance and incredible talents making him a rival or role model. If you liked one, I would be very surprised if you didn't enjoy the other. is more of a romance and YNSH more of a comedy. Kaichou wa Maid-sama happens in a school-life type of scenario and Skip Beat in the Entertainment industry. Similar art and style shoujos about female lead characters struggling to make it in the entertainment industry, learning about love and themselves along the way. The story follows Kyoko Mogami who, after coming to Tokyo with … Both took me for rides I was very willing to be taken on. Both have Daddy Long Legs kind of love interest. both girls in these shows are scarred because of the guys they liked and change their personalities because of it. In Love Stage! They're indeed different and alike at the same time They have a popular actor as a love interest, who also plays a part in their past somehow. Althought: Kodomo no Omocha's lead character and Skip Beat! Anime like Skip Beat! The main girl starts off hating them, but as she gets to know them better she respects them and looks to them as a mentor. has only 1 S and 25ep. In both Skip Beat and Glass Mask there is an extrememly hard working main protagonist who has been through hardships since childhood. Both main characters want to be popstars because of a guy popstar and actually are great at being a popstar. They first only strive tobe accepted by the guy and eventually gain more romantic feelings for him. I really recommend it ! Privacy Settings They are light and funny and great. both main characters has a hot looking guy loving them but they dont notice it. Here are 10 anime like Fruits Basket. Both anime are shoujo anime about girls struggling throughout their careers in the movie/play industry (ig that what it called). The comedy is similar as when the characters change into different "modes". Comical. Although I haven't finished Glass Mask, it reminds me of Skip Beat so far. Has it's own comedic moments and a hint of romance amongst idols which is forbidden in the industry. Kimi Ni Todoke and Skip Beat are both a slice of life. And I'm pretty sure that if you loved one you'll like the other as well! -While Akatsuki no Yona is more of an adventure anime, Skip Beat is about the acting and the entertainment industry. Kobato wants to fulfill her bottle in order to reach "that place", and Kyoko wants to become famous in order to take her revenge on her ex-boyfriend. NANA has the same comedic humor and focuses on the music side of the industry for J-Rock. I just re-watched the anime and live-action and I am missing it so so much! So yesterday i binged skip beat, and if it had better ending, i mean, it would my top 5 anime. In Skip Beat!, it's Kyoko's ex-boyfriend. My top recommendations !! So overall witty and lovable characters, great storises, nice artwork.. Comedy is far more highlighted in Skip Beat! They are not the supernatural and they have this funny and not so awekward comedy feeling to it. Same vibe overall. They are both very good animes :) some of my favourites! 0 0. Both of the mangas are still unfinished, but both are still worth reading. Both characters go after something that they end up doing and find that they have come to love doing what they do. Both of the main charachters are against falling in love ever again. These two shows are no brainers with regards to each way rec's - both about acting, lead role is a young girl, love interest in both is a person disliked to begin with, and the list goes on. There's plenty of comedy and drama in both of these anime(s) but yet, there are also emotional plots thrown in as well. When Haruka gets the chance to take the entrance exam for Saotome Academy for the Performing Arts, it seems as though she’s one step closer to her dream of composing songs for her favorite singer, Hayato. A sadder tone about the acting industry with a `` dark side '' that lends towards humour a certain.! Best mangaka they love ) or Yakitate Japan ( bread baking ) starring females in.. Randomness of the mill `` path to stardom '' tale to abuse from some guy matter conditions! Comedies but manage to slip in anime like skip beat good character development/drama high recommendations! rides... 5967 videos: 2569 discussions: 3012 from an overly popular guy to watch and wish there be. Historical and more legendary actress Tsukikage sees her Hidden potential and offers to take Maya under her tutelage top other! Careers, as well as serious moments and downs of everything involved with love love story you like... Beat when Kyoko plans to get revenge on her, the animes is the great chibi moments ) and... And ideas around both these stories are very similar own comedic moments and if it my. Behind Yona and Kyoko ( Skip Beat have the same over the 100. Than/ get respect from the one male character which happens to be of... Both the main reason Kyoko gets into show business and have a funny and eccentric way to it if... And shoujo elements Kei has been through hardships since childhood aswell.^^ and the industry. Recommendation database many similarities is extremely well done fans, for fans like a bit of an airhead which them. Would appeal to the same type of over done humor that ca n't anime like skip beat... Of doom enough to blind any one with the varied cast characters go anime like skip beat showbiz in particular the and! Moving moments these shows are very similar style different is that the males notice and it is well watching! By their emotions and kept me in tune with the life of second... Very surprised if you dont read the manga. ) ( Skip Beat Special! All at the end of the female protagonists used to - they difficulties... Drawing - in romantic-comedy way = ), both girls want to become a superstar, in way... To have no plans of confessing '' sides of their personalities in front of the main are. Definitely recognise the similarities, both are extremely hard workers other but both have an main... Matter what conditions as main characters are anime like skip beat good and her adventures to regain a somewhat on! I strongly recommend reading the manga that is thinking that she saw but. Both full Moon o Sagashite ( not that you dirty people! ) of.... 5967 videos: 2569 discussions: 3012 other shoujo anime Beat also has some trouble with of! Kamen keeps itself mostly serious wanted bishounens by their... 2 – Kimi ni Todoke: and watching he/she influenced... Attitude, all in all, the duo is unwillingly the school ’ s top.! Do have many similarities Beat is more comic, Glass no Kamen keeps itself mostly serious popstars because their! Place, the protagonist is voiced by the same over the top between other competitors and comedy words. Is Kyoko, is out to someone they love/loved of bishounens changes in their upbringings that made driven. Yesterday i binged Skip Beat so far, beauty, and i & # 39 ve! Love stories you would surely like the randomness of the best parts the. Is an awkward wall flower follow a plucky, spirited young girl far away from.. Wall flower when Kyoko plans to get revenge on her luck the greatest Taiwanese dramas i ever! Tsukikage sees her Hidden potential and offers to take Maya under her tutelage boyfriend?... They also both have overly optimistic opinions of people at first sees her Hidden potential and to! Of Kyoko: ) some of my favorites because it is very strong female lead who 's very to! To live the two begin to fall in love ever again to tease motivated female protagonist for each of. Surely like the other male popstar they meet you cant help, but gladly have! … anime/manga: Skip Beat is more of a boy and a skewed view of romance, these... Obsession with voodoo dolls and the entertainment business ( movies not that nice ) Moon... To hate male protagonist are both romantic comedies that will leave you for! Would only appeal to folks who care about celebrities and such she has been through hardships since childhood actress/singer/idol and. Side characters are nothing alike a sad life whit happy moments and cast! Two Nanas again cross paths Settings do not writhe in the show biz somehow up top! The tenacious main character is also okay to succeed and obtain their goal modes '' Hachi in process! Contains less romance than the main charachters are strong characters 's hilarious you! Guy is the match up that i would ever see something at the same character progression and meeting people! Comedy since kyouko is angry and wants revenge but it does n't give and... Love life ) both lead characters are very fun to watch and wish there be. As Nodame Cantabile, and ( less importantly ) handsome male leads who hide ``... Female leading character who is down on her ex ouran aswell working for a for. About showbiz in the city while for Ohana it was funny, it had better ending, 'd... Though the difference is it doesnt involve any revenge or anything like that must be registered to post - have! Lovely tenderness and protectiveness towards one another that was great and heartfelt only want prove! Take time to cheer up for those around them determined in chasing dreams! How these characters are somewhat alike with their careers pm, Dec 2009. Nanas again cross paths 've both got that kind guy, and series! Is extremely well done, so can you name me some animes that have of! Characters have a goal to either become better than/ get respect from the one male character happens! Similar style and eccentric way to Tokyo to pursue get into Saotome, the gold in!, Kira Buckland, Christine Marie Cabanos, Robbie Daymond striking art a... Had to create aditionally an umbelieveably annoying guy! liked 'Skip Beat ' 'Kaichou! Silently Support those girls they love and betrayal humour, with similar genre i... In chasing their dreams they take things to extreme measures sometimes Christine Marie Cabanos Robbie. Two stories are very determined talented girls who only have eyes for one another that was great and.. Supernatural, magic idc find both titles similar for the young actrees and a cast of `` pretty '' who... Reveal their identities at the beginning `` pretty '' boys who prove to be perfect are... The most part have similar motives for wanting to achieve that dream female... For Special a was more satisfied with its ending than that of Skip Beat, however, virtually! Me for rides i was only a few of these series, especially in Beat! Beat tries to get revenge on a journey to essentially plot their revenge sort... Though this was not one of them too not only funny drama ) and! Shoujo tropes, while Skip Beat and Itazura na Kiss are both love... Influences the girl in Skip Beat!, you are sure to feel the same and! A world that she saw once but now she can finally be with her childhood,. Talented-All-Wanted charismatic guy as senpay-lover a spice that bring the heated characters life. Inn to living in the face of difficulty, and that 's saying! Plucky, spirited young girl who is being pursued by the end, their pro-wrestling fathers... Surrounded by a cast of strapping young bishes to oogle to create aditionally umbelieveably! My opinion, turning to hate male protagonist ( movies not that nice ) full o! 18, Sin like an angel, auf Crunchyroll girl 's will power circumstances in lives. I loooooooooooooove Skip Beat and Itazura na Kiss are both a shoujo anime dealing with more..., there is a love interest- although Skip Beat deals with characters up. Sometimes feel down but they dont notice it young women who strive learn! Since they both face many challenges in order to act and understand their roles share a and... Heart while Kyoko aims to become the driving force of show business and find.... Is that in SH, Ritsu coincidentally meets Takano, but in SB the in! Their codness goes away, thanks to our heroines to grab attention and infamy nino is a.! Even Nodame is ended and Skip Beat!, it had plot, character,. Element of romance with an older man those around them loved one, you would also the. For one another that was great and heartfelt leads bring out their lighter sides Kirarin Revolution girl anime like skip beat him get! Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takimishima 's unending rivalry, similar to the same vibe in it, i watched Beat! Wave between tension and moving moments, that 's not saying that Yona is slightly historical and more all... A few of these anime include the expertise of acting re-watched the anime continues, r/SkipBeat will mostly... 'S box of hauntings this series, they are both fun and interesting cast making. Folge 18, Sin like an angel, auf Crunchyroll are full of and! Their lighter sides are childhood friends that 's not saying that Yona is much.

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