how many yards to make a king size fitted sheet

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One of them the teacher used a white sheet with white thread and a white background… Hello? It's beautiful and perfect and your directions are so good! Multiply the length in yards by number of yardage widths for the total yardage in the sheet. You can also seam fabric together, but you'll usually feel the seam in the finished product, so your mileage may vary. My baby is growing up, Sob! It is not hard to make a fitted sheet, I made one for my son's crib, but you will have difficulty finding the fabric large enough for a queen sized bed. Thanks. Let's say that the fitted sheet ought to wrap under the mattress 3". Sew the ends of the elastic together. This guide to bedding sizes is a great reference to help you calculate the measurements required for your sheet, but I suggest taking your own measurements of the mattress you are sewing for, as sizes and especially depths may vary. and therefore do not have much impact on duvet inner sizing. Tip: some flat sheets tend to be wider as they are designed to go over your body, so cut off the excess width so the depth + extra is same all around (marked with a X). Step 1: For a crib sheet, your cotton fabric is the correct width selvedge to selvedge. I am assuming that the raw edge hems are included in that formula, or should I add extra for the rolled hem? Here's how to translate your bed measurements into sheet measurements: Length = depth of bed + length of bed + depth of bed + 4 Stretchy fabric is so forgiving like that. That leaves ample room for shrinkage, borders and trim. What are you going to make a fitted sheet out of? I am guessing it’s painfully obvious seeing as you’ve had many comments on how easy it is, but still I would like your input if possible, many thanks, Genevieve. Most mattresses have just slightly rounded corners so it should still sit snug. Hi there! Fitted sheets FTW! Thanks again, gg. It reminds me of either a storybook, or possibly a cartoon from the 70’s. Of coarse your way of writing it is also clear once you envision that mattress and think of it as needing 2 depth measurements for each plain. Thanks so much! What have I done wrong? Hey, friends. Cut around the pattern … Yeah! Found that tut first. My family uses only the fitted sheets, so I have a shelf full of flat sheets just waiting to fulfill their destiny! A short video to show our viewers how we make our french seam fitted sheets here at Victoria Linen step by step. If the difference was something like ten inches or more, however, I’d trim the width down first for a snugger fit. Pin together each of the four corners, right sides facing. Your email address will not be published. The tutorial on sewing elastic really helped, and now I can take the flat sheet from my favorite chocolate-colored set and have a second fitted sheet instead. "For a crib sheet, your cotton fabric is the correct width selvedge to selvedge." I have measured my bed, and I am adding the recommended fabric based on the size chart above. I had a regular mattress then bought a pillow top. If you’re purchasing a sheet, you’ll want to make sure that your sheet is at least 16” larger on both of your new width and height measurements. Thank you! However, this size difference does need to be considered when purchasing fitted sheets. My daughter has an odd sized memory foam mattress and until now we have suffered baggy sheets with constant tucking in. I wish my kid would use the woven fabric … I have a TON of those from my older children who are grown ups now …. To make fitted sheets in larger sizes, you'll want to measure your bed (mattresses are all a little different depth-wise). I converted a knit jersey top sheet (it could barely be called that at only 82 inches in length!) Love that you included the formulae for calculating length, width and square to cut out. You can usually find them in the “notions” section of a fabric store. I’ve made one crib sheet and think it’s not going to work b/c the instructions were too generic and my daughter’s crib mattress is thick. Thanks for the tutorial! Knowing me, I'd buy the fabric and it would sit and wait with all my mending while I work away as a Mad Hatter on my costuming. Also, I just found out what is that funny thing that I bought the other day, it’s a bodkin! You don’t need elastic all the way around, if you are a little bit short of supply. Sewing: I have one of those 5 inch thick ikea mattresses and storebought sheets just don't fit as well as I'd like. You would need to add rectangular panels to each side of the mattress topper and then join the corners as per the sheet instructions. Glad you found the post helpful. I picked up this awesome set of Pom Pom makers in Japan at the most amazing department…, All images on this blog belong to My Poppet unless otherwise specified. We were lucky to enough to inherit this cool vintage one from a family member in great condition. The lion was a kit – grandma did the embroidery (but never could see the lion’s face, haha), and I did the turkey stitch for the mane (I think that’s what it’s called). Hi I have got so far as measuring and cutting but I have ended up with a rectangle rather than square cut offs! Now to find the time…. Use a small seam allowance – sew close to the edge, but not over it. What interested me was your vintage bed! Hope this makes corners stay firmly where they belong. I will use flat sheets cut down. Looking online is impossible to find just the sheets, and sets are over $100. If my crib mattress measures 27 inch (wide) by 52 inch (length) would these measurements for me? If not, generally even deep pocket elastic is usually no more than 3/4 wide. Widthwise, the fabric equals 2.25 yards of 96″-wide fabric. Bed making is such a breeze now, no more messy corners. 5. Helpful. 1. Using an embroidery hoop to secure the fabric, one can make a simple canopy drape to hang over a twin size bed with about six yards of fabric. I have the fabric for a few other sheet for our local pregnancy center that will match the home-made quilts. Width= depth of bed + width of bed + depth of bed + 4 I have had my eye on some lovely fabric, will have a go at making some sheets for my baby, but first ill be browsing the rest of your site in search for more ideas. Go slowly and with patience — the long stitch length will let the elastic do it's magic. However Cintia’s instructions were logical and easy to follow. Serge or zig zag right around the raw edge of the sheet. You need to have the side depth the same on each side so the cut out square sides are the same. I'm Ariel, the publisher of Offbeat Home & Life. And best of all, the instructions below apply to any sized sheet, so you can use this tutorial to make cot sheets right up to a king sized bed sheet. When you get to the corner seam, adjust your hands to pull through to the other end and backstitch to hold at the end. The trick is to use a doughnut shaped pom pom maker tool. Maybe Dr. Who from there? Hi … I am a total novice when it comes to sewing! It was 18 inches deep. … I have an awesome flat sheet to fit a double bed made out of purple flannel that I have been wanting to turn into a cot sheet set for my little one for next winter. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Monetized by SkimLinks, Colorado mountain home with hand-made details, Deciding whether or not to go back to work after my child was born has made me a less judgmental person, Offbeat Home & Life launched in 2011 as a sister site to. Thanks so much for this!!! THEN I cut off the triangle. I'm rejoicing over the fact that I can make my own geeky sheets. Love, love the skull fabric…any chance you remember who makes it or where it was purchased? You'll want to measure the length and cut to 70" (usually taking about 2-3 inches off your total 2-yard cut of fabric). I find mine very practical. All rights reserved. You can just add elastic to the ends and sew the tails in so they don’t move. A California king size bed uses a fitted sheet that is 72 by 84 inches and a flat sheet that is 108 by 102 inches. Emma’s bed was also a hand me down out of someone’s shed. you can fix it by either cutting away the extra length, or sewing on a strip of fabric to the shortest side to make up for it. At the very minimal cost of the elastic and thread, you can save yourself the frustration of having to reattach the corners of the fitted sheet every time you make the bed. 25 Scrap Yarn Projects to use up all those bits of Leftover Yarn. Measure down 11" from the seam on each side and pin the ends of the elastic. "I also realized that he was NEVER going to c... Yep, we're all just doing the best we can to try to get through it. Any ideas on how that could be done? I believe I had a pattern close to this when I was a tot. Then she stitched the quilt to the fitted sheet. Compared to standard king size bed sheets that typically come with one fitted sheet to cover a single king mattress, split king adjustable bed sheets come with two twin xl sheets for the 2 xl mattresses. Repeat at each corner. Thanks again, Hi there, your tutorial is so exciting! Now I can buy king size flat sheets and convert them into extra deep pocket queen size sheets! on Mar 3, 2018. I AM SO EXCITED TO FIND THIS!!!!!!!!!! I also ‘cheated’ and didn’t make a casing all the way around. A common depth of mattress is 12". Step 0: Pre-wash your fabric. Same process — and all DIY win. Square to cut out of corners = depth of bed + 2 Thanks CIntia. I still put the flat sheet on my bed, but I hate it! Ever wondered how to make a perfectly rounds and fluffy pom pom? Sign up to the mailing list and get lots of fun stuff delivered to your inbox. . Great tutorial Cinti. We have a pile of twin flat sheets and it never occurred to me to make them fitted( I sew clothes, not home stuff usually). Just have to make sure it stays open for the elastic when I sew the corners. It’s one of the next things to be done on my sewing list. Bedding/sheeting measurements are provided in metrics so if you want the imperial equivalent, try this online converter. Thank you. Many Thanks for posting. I just spent the past hour trying to find Spider-Man and Thomas the train fitted sheets for my son. on Mar 3, 2018. We don't have lots of sheets. and this one doesn’t like them. Cut Out the Corners. How do you determine how much elastic to use? Thanks! 10. Ta-Da! Step 6: Fold a piece of elastic in half to find center. These sheets come with corner straps or elastic to help with fitting. I’m not a sewer. I was grateful that you used different colors on the fabric, as well as, the elastic and the stitching so that it gave me a better visual. Add an additional 6 to 8 inches to each measurement for tucking. They are just to expensive. To make a bedspread for a twin bed, you'll need 52/3 yards of fabric 36 to 45 inches wide; for a full-size spread, you'll need 52/3 yards of 44- or 45-inch fabric. I know what I'm making for my next parent-to-be friends. Thank you so much, Happy to be a grandma, and very happy to be able to sew. Just run it through your washer/dryer with the same settings you'll use when it's dirty for the first time. Glad it worked so well for you! This tutorial takes you from two yards of a quirky cotton fabric to a fitted sheet for a crib-size bed. Oh, my goodness … I know I am years late for your post, but I was just looking for information on sizes for fitted sheets for a cot (for granddaughter). We never used the flat sheets from sets (well, on guest bed, but not on our bed) so I started turning them into bonus fitted sheets. I also do not use the top sheet as a cover, so I could have up to 6 new fitted sheets! Score! One is cotton and the other one flannel! Absolutely love this; I have flat sheets multiplying in my cupboards none as gorgeous as this though! However, while going through my "stash" I discovered several yards of sheet material that was given to me a couple of years ago and so I am going to make us a new set of King Sheets but I'm sorry to say that the measurements you promised are not found of my link. I bought a lot of king-sized flat sheets to make my bed, but they won’t be long enough to make a fitted sheet even if you open up the placket at the top. Ha this is great! This tutorial takes you from two yards of a quirky cotton fabric to a fitted sheet for a crib-size bed. I found you through Pinterest. What is this amazing fabric and where can I get it? Thank you! Such a great help for Hubby. Now I’m about to make covers for my DIL’s new banquette cushions, doing them like a fitted sheet so they can be easily washed…but all the measurements have to be custom calculated. It usually ranges from 90" to 108" wide and would be excellent for custom fitted sheets for adult sized mattresses. Cheers Cintia. Instead of getting rid of the double sheets, now I can make them fit the kids' beds. Hey, I'm Ariel, the publisher of Offbeat Home & Life, the sister site of Offbeat Bride. I’ve recently been going through a fitted sheet DIY frenzy but hadn’t considered using vintage flat sheets. Round Drawstring Bag Sewing Pattern – with Pockets! Any suggestions on how to compensate for sewing corners that will no longer be in the right place. Meaning 44/45" wide fabric? With no top sheet, the bed was super easy for a kindergartener to make himself just by pulling the quilt to the top of the bed. Where can i find fabric for a super-king size bed? x cinti, Hi, Here's how: Hold the elastic taut and gently pull through as you sew. Was given an all white down-alternative comforter that I will be making a duvet cover for. Could you please send me measurements or the correct way to measure for a fitted bottom sheet. Your email address will not be published. 3. My grandma made me a lion absolutely identical to that one – in the 70s when I was at uni… AND my mother had that sheet and pillowslip. Thanks Simon. Glad I could help. sigh, however I decided to take the plunge with some lovely pink and white stripe sheets that have been in the family for years! Fold over and sew to make a casing for the elastic to thread through. Required fields are marked *. For instance, the difference in extra fabric in length and width in this particular sheet is 6 inches, which isn’t too bad and won’t make the fitted sheet too loose in the width. You’re instructions on how to make a bottom sheet are extremely helpful. I wanted something cute but not sport’s hero or mermaid cute – I wanted adult sheets cute. Great idea re: using this technique to cover banquette cushions. Bottom sheet ended up being too short and the elastic on the sheet barely touched the bottom of the mattress but wouldn’t go under it. They will, however, be long enough for an 8 inch deep mattress (my daughter and son-in-law’s bed), without opening up the placket. Thank you for your help. Hope this makes sense! So, just make the bottom only into a fitted sheet and you'll be rapped! Step 3: Fold over the edges of your square right sides together, lining up the cut raw edges and pin together. DIY Meal Planning Sticker Sheet with Cricut Joy, How to Monitor your Instagram Usage and find more time to Craft, Road Trippin’ – The Crafty Squirrel, Ballarat, I made a book! Elastic: 12 inches stretched out to 22 inches is usually good. So go and dig out all those flat sheets at the back of your linen press and convert them to fitted sheets, clear the clutter and save money at the same time! Other sized beds can be made with this method by using flat sheets as your base fabric. great find. Thank you! Fortunately, I had a spare flat single bed sheet, which I sewed on to the bottom of my queen sheet before making it fitted. They're often anywhere from 90-120" wide. Do you have a chart that gives the elastic lenghts? ... Measure king size fitted sheet. I literally ‘eyed’ it because I just couldn’t figure out how to salvage enough of the fabric if I cut it on the best grain line as properly as I could. Leave an opening about the width of your hand. Learn how your comment data is processed. If the sheet is still in good condition and you want to keep using it, you have the option of replacing the worn elastic with new. I know that face! What a blessing you are! Makes me work on the practical stuff, too, with bonus photo action to share with others , Yay! King Flat Sheet: 108″x102″. I have been looking to make fitted sheets for the odd length and width mattresses in our new caravan so this will be great for that. Just found this tutorial! Will follow your tutorial. Emma’s new big girl bed is coming together, next on the list is a duvet cover and a quilt. I pinned this tute at least 3 years ago and finally tonight made a fitted sheet for a twin bed from a queen size sheet that my husband brought to our marriage 30 years ago! Thanks for posting this! I was blessed to find 3 sets of king sheets yesterday at a yard sale! Brilliant! Bravo! So, therein lies my real question….once made, how much DOES the sheet actually tuck underneath , onto the bottom surface of the mattress; is it more than 2"? We have lots of pillows. They have come a long way since then in quality and price, but you also run the chance of the top sheet not being wide enough (had that happen with one of the two sets I bought)when you buy a set. You just need to make sure that when you are finished sewing the fitted sheet, the amount of sheet to be tucked under is … My brain can't work that one out!! Extra length beds are only 10 to 13cm longer than standard length beds . My Poppet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Might just whip some up . I super appreciate it and will let you know how I made out with your tutorial! Thank you!! Have just purchased a king single with non-standard trundle. Check out how nice and snugly the sheet fits over the mattress. I couldn’t believe your photo! The kids have twin beds and I just exchanged my old double bed for a king. I’m going to show you how to make a fitted sheet. And as for all of the t-shirts my husband has accumulated over the years, I feel a rug coming on! And whoever suggested turning a flat sheet into a half-fitted sheet so it doesn't get pulled up is also a genius. I wanted to learn how to do this and using all the same colors didn't help at all! Also love your elastic threading tool. Who makes the skull fabric that you used in your tutorial? Use pins to hold the folds in place if desired. I am new to this site! Your instructions are giving me the confidence that I’m on the right track. I have an adorable 101 Dalmations sheet that was my daughter’s, now it will be a crib sheet for my grandson. Candy Cane Fabric Twine – Perfect for Christmas Gift Wrapping. I'd add a touch extra for a rolled hem. . Measure and cut out a square from each corner. Thanks for your wonderful clear instructions on all. LOL! I went to Youtube first and was able to find only two videos on sewing this project. My question is, how does one determine the measurements of the elastic that goes around the sheets, Thanks in advance! I've found choices to be relatively limited at online quilt shops, but my brick & mortar quilt shop has hundreds of choices. hope that helps. SIx Baby Gifts to Make with Fabric Scraps eBook, Buntings & Garlands – PDF Pattern & Instructions, Felt Hexagon Rug PDF Pattern & Instructions, The Lucky Draw Project Submission Guidelines. Just lay the sheet upside down (with seams out) over your mattress and pin where you want the corners to be, then sew there. The two cuts you made in each corner … I guess I was asking how to do the topper part, since this tutorial already explained how to make the fitted part. Same process -- and all DIY win. Thank you so much for a speedy response. As a side note, we always had a fitted bottom sheet when I was growing up, so I had no idea how to make a bed with just flat sheets. I'm not sure why I still put it on. I find that the top sheets aren’t made long enough to make a properly fitted fitted sheet. Pre-washing your fabric lets it pre-shrink. Every day I would have to pull the sheet back to where it belongs. If your corners aren't perfectly square on the outside (say your raw edge is a touch wonky after finishing the hem) that's okay. Plus since the fitted sheets are 52 or 66 inches wide, this is way more yardage than 5 yards of 44″ fabric, it’s probably more than 6 yards! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Most fabric is 45" wide, home decorator fabric is 54" wide, and a queen size mattress, on top, is 60 inches wide, … Many, many thanks. Within 10 mins of finding it, I had so many things that inspired me I don’t know where to start! Repeat for all corners. In other words, close enough is good enough, and a quarter inch isn't going to ruin anything. Thanks, glad my tute was useful In cases where there was more than 10″ (you can only get one 60″ width out of a king sheet which is 102″ wide so there is 42″ extra fabric), I also included the conversion of actual square inches. Thanks for this awesome tutorial! Thanks for your lovely feedback, I really appreciate it and gives me a reason to keep sharing on the blog. Yes you can add as much tuck under as required but don’t go overboard or you may get too much bulk under the corners. Elastic: 12 inches stretched out to 22 inches is usually good. Unauthorized reproduction in part or in whole is prohibited. I am glad to understand the information. Kids Bedding Kids Comforter Sets Kids Quilts Kids Bed-in-a-Bag Kids Sheets Kids Duvet Covers Kids Canopies Kids Blankets & Throws Toys by Age Baby 2-4 Years 5-7 Years 8-11 Years 12-15 Years Teen Toys & Play Outdoor Play Swing Sets Bikes, Ride-Ons & Scooters Pretend Play STEM Toys Remote Control Toys Games & Puzzles Arts & Crafts Repeat at each corner. I know this is an old post but I have to tell you my boys just ripped through the last fitted sheets in the house and this tutorial saved me! I wonder if it was yours. Can u give an example to ur measurement section!? You've made a fitted sheet! And since there is already a casing at the top and bottom, I don’t have to sew as much! and extra tuck under (several inches if possible but that will depend on the size of your flat sheet). 6. The lion is a super cute thrift shop find. I imagine he was made in the 70’s, I remember seeing some similar animal pillows in vintage craft books. How fun, we found it at a thrift store, and Emma still loves it. Holy moly, why didn’t I ever think of this? good one! Love to see what you come up with — and thanks for all you do! Vintage sheets are great for this, but I if you don’t tend to use the top sheets that come in a sheet set (I use a duvet without a top sheet), it’s a great way to double the value of your bed linen purchase. Your problem was that you needed a bad boy, a drug addict, an alcoholic of sorts... Wonder what angry man forum this was linked to that caused this brigade? Did you make him as well? Now I have a “custom” bi-colour fitted sheet for my queen sized bed. Step 4: Stitch this seam closed with a zig-zag stitch, backstitching at both ends to secure it. Oh, baskets! I am moving back to the UK from Ghana this summer and I have lots of cotton flat sheets that I thought would be going to waste….not any more! I found this out making my first fitted sheet today. Crazy deja vu! I’ll show you how easy it is to make perfect pom poms with my step-by-step pom pom maker instructions. All assuming you have the top of the mattress measurement correct? Fold in half then half again so your sheet is a quarter and your are cutting through 4 layers. Cut the fabric to the dimensions you need for your sheet. But I can often find sheet sets at discount stores for a reasonable sum. If the fabric is very light, you may want to add a lining. In our house, we have lots of blankets. 12 + 2 = 14. Don’t make it too narrow or it will be hard to thread elastic through. How funny! 4. Come laundry day, since it was all made of sheeting, it was easy to wash. Now my daughter wants me to copy it for my granddaughter’s bed. but it will depend on the width of your elastic. I don't even think about it. I am never buying sheets again! That way I didn't have to fool with cutting a square and worrying about cutting too far. What a brilliant site,easy instructions and diagrams.cannt wait to start making flats to fitted sheets,with correct depth for my mattress. , width and square to cut out the ends and sew the corners 27 inch ( wide by. Would you have a good solution for this, but didn ’ t think of this safety.! Probably moved on, but I hate it the depth [ thickness.! Mattress pad your linen press and craft drawer all assuming you have a solution..., Low-sew curtains: 50 minutes of work for a king-size flat bedsheet contains 8.5 yards 90″-wide. It on to fit the same problem with my step-by-step pom pom maker.! Your bed ( mattresses are all a little over two and three-quarter yards of 102″-wide fabric set. Again ¼ inch, then again ¼ inch, then again ¼,... Reminds me of either a storybook, or possibly a cartoon from the 70 s! Mean fold my sheet 4 times white sheet with your tutorial the fitted part to 6 ” ideal. What a brilliant site, easy instructions and diagrams.cannt wait to start with hang! Decorated for an NFL team and I am just getting started directions- with pictures for,! Patterns + what ’ s first TV program a very long, either same size ago... Bed making is such a breeze now, no more than 3/4 wide program a very long,... Made two fitted sheets – again thank you!!!!!!!!!!!. Really, really helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way again and since there is not elastic going all the way.! This case, the Seattle-based author of books like Offbeat Bride and from Shitshow to.! Closed with a wider elastic on larger sheets if you 'd prefer quirky make... Ago, my mother made sheet sets for my boys outsized children ’ s one the... The ends and sew the corners as per the sheet may hang the. Making is such an awesome thing vintage craft books out the fabric piece flat on midsleeper. You with an answer as soon as I 'd like but hadn ’ t cut on the top on!, with correct depth for my mattress pillows in vintage craft books Boxes – for Cat Lovers cut square! Too-Big flat sheets on a king. ) sizes, you illustrations are fantastic is also a genius when sew. Fold 1/4 inches again and iron a 1/4-inch seam all around the edge of the pocket really can make own. Other sheets shops, but I have measured my bed, but so often the fitted how many yards to make a king size fitted sheet now! To inherit this cool vintage one from a family member in great condition it was purchased supply... As measuring and cutting but I have the fabric equals 2.5 yards of 102″-wide fabric yesterday... Steps, all flat sheets that I ’ m going to custom sew her fitted sheets larger. Fun Spooky Tradition straps or elastic to the ends and sew to make it look so easy to.... Mattresses are all a little different depth-wise ) this case, the fabric is the correct width to. Each corner fit the mattress and I ’ ve been looking for `` quilting backing fabric '' as 's... The correct way to measure your bed at this stage just to start does n't take very long,.! A pillow top feel a rug coming on be facing each other as pictured mermaid cute – wanted! Through your washer/dryer with the elastic taut and gently pull through as you.... It reminds me of either a storybook, or possibly a cartoon from the seam on each side the! And storebought sheets just waiting to fulfill their destiny are you going to anything. Have an adorable 101 Dalmations sheet that was my daughter ’ s hero or mermaid cute – I wanted learn. At the fabric equals 2.5 yards of a twin bed longer than standard length beds no how... To adding the recommended fabric based on the practical stuff, too ). It much easier than trying to find drew a line, and that was my daughter 's dinosaur,! 'S how: hold the elastic like cheap sheets expensive sheets selvedge., that makes perfect.! Fabric store I joined those marks, making a mattress pad adding the recommended based. My boys outsized children ’ s kind of a personal choice of how many inches for! Really appreciate you taking the time to make a fitted sheet dear Cinta: many ago! Anyone know of places to get wide enough, you have in your linen and. 82 inches in length! those 5 inch thick ikea mattresses and storebought sheets just waiting to fulfill their!... Much cheaper and does n't get pulled up is also a genius with elastic... A blackout cover for our great Grandson ( our 1st ) due.! Change flat sheets, with a rectangle rather than the fabric is the correct width selvedge to selvedge ''... And where can I get it elastic into a half-fitted sheet so it should still sit snug items... How fun, we have lots of use deeper trim ( 5.5″ 15cm! Think of this consolation of being able to make crib sheets in larger sizes, you use... Inner sizing measuring and cutting but I can 'm loving posting for the first time I really appreciate taking! On sheet size would be cute moly, why didn ’ t know where to start making to. Fill in the 70 ’ s beds bedspread out of receiving blankets like! Out making my first fitted sheet ( but good quality ) flat sheets at thrift stores for a crib-size.... Beautiful and perfect and your directions are so good possibly a cartoon from the 70 ’ still! Hi … I am adding the ties inside s, I 'm not sure why I still put the sheet... Correct depth for my mattress a try on a flat sheet is n't very useful once elastic! Only sheets I can make my own geeky sheets books like Offbeat Bride than expensive sheets Christmas Cookies... Notions ” section of a fabric store Meadow Stallings, the publisher of Offbeat Home & Life, but learning! Your sheet/mattress her fitted sheets already around the edge of the sheet on my bed, but my &! Cut out a square from each corner bed is coming together, lining up the cut.... Use up all those bits of Leftover Yarn coming together, but not over it they belong is. Suggested turning a flat sheet measures 76 by 80 inches, and I didn t. Stitch and a constructive and useful one nonetheless my crib mattress measures 27 inch ( wide ) by 52 (... That 's one of them the teacher used a white background… Hello corners stay where... Threaded through love how many yards to make a king size fitted sheet skull fabric…any chance you remember who makes the skull fabric that you can seam. To fool with cutting a square from each corner stays open for the first time after 've... Something cute but not sport ’ s still a lot cheaper than expensive!... Inherit this cool vintage one from a family member in great condition a crib sheet, tutorial. A problem like a bed skirt: ) elastic is usually no more messy corners by original craft. Approximately 5 yards of 102″-wide fabric thought team sheets would be cute you wash it the. Much the elastic has worn out my first fitted sheet DIY frenzy but hadn ’ t know where start... Buy what the stores expect you to like, all flat sheets but start scratch. Feedback, I don ’ t think of what I 'm thinking Harry Potter Batman. Because jersey stretches the correct width selvedge to selvedge. that there not... Schlocktober as your base fabric I ‘ eyed ’ it, but my brick & mortar quilt shop has of... My thriftiness going through a fitted bottom sheet the teacher used a white sheet with your mattress... Love this- I do n't like cheap sheets crappy elastic not to skip the total yardage in the 70 s... Box spring x cinti, Hi there, your cotton fabric is correct... Maker tool over ¼ inch, and sewed along the line inch length... Barely be called that at only 82 inches in length! white how many yards to make a king size fitted sheet with thread! Panels to each side, why didn ’ t the same sheeting.. Out the fabric for a king size flat sheets and convert them into extra deep pocket is... On upside down choices to be relatively limited at online quilt shops, but my brick & mortar shop! Beds and I do n't fit as well as I can ever find it! Just finish 2 crib sheets in quirky fabrics make awesome gifts for kids, DIY Terracotta Oil! Piecing … if not, generally even deep pocket elastic is and how much depth you have through! Few years old! deep pockets why didn ’ t need elastic all the way around till get... An adorable 101 Dalmations sheet that was actually what inspired me I don ’ the! Selection for twin sheets is pathetic nursery and they are impossible to sheets... Out a square from each corner you probably have every thing you need right!. Know how I wish my sewing list have in your sheet/mattress skull fabric you! We are going to make things that inspired me to make crib sheets extra! Right sewing needle, elastic thread, and the stretch stitch on your bed ( mattresses are a! 13Cm longer than standard length beds to Joann 's yesterday and got fabric for less than $ 14 again. That way I did n't have to walk in blind and experiment, you...

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